Nestle Wellness Text Promo

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Nestle promotes a healthier lifestyle with their line of wellness products. With the Nestle Wellness Text Promo you have more reason to jump in the health bandwagon. Purchase any Nestle product worth at least P100 in a single receipt and text receipt number to earn a raffle entry. You may use the same receipt to send a text entry using another number registered to your name to increase your chances of winning. 8 Dell Inspiron laptops will be electronically raffled off every week starting February. This promotion is only open to SMART and Talk ‘N Text subscribers only.

Promo Requirements:
  • Subscriber of SMART and Talk ‘N Text whether in post paid or pre-paid plans
  • Purchase any Nestle product (except infant milk) worth P100 & up
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Buy any size or variant of any Nestle product (except infant milk) worth P100 & up
  2. Text your entry by texting WELLNESS to 2600 (P2.50 per text)
    • Example: WELLNESS 12345
  3. You will be asked to register to the promo. Register by texting in WELLNESS REG [name]/[address]/[age]/[gender] to 2600
    • Example: WELLNESS REG Gina Cruz/24 Pioneer St, QC/22/F
  4. Registration is FREE of charge. Only 1 name per mobile number is allowed. Multiple cellphone numbers under 1 name is also allowed
  5. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period: January 15 – March 31, 2011

Date of Determination of Draw winners PERIOD COVERED # of winners
Feb 11, 2011 Jan 15 (12MN) Feb 10 (11:59PM) 1
Feb 18, 2011 Jan 15 (12MN) to Feb 17 (11:59PM) 1
Feb 25, 2011 Jan 15 (12MN) to Feb 24 (11:59PM) 1
March 4, 2011 Jan 15 (12MN) to Mar 3 (11:59PM) 1
March 11, 2011 Jan 15 (12MN) to Mar 10 (11:59PM) 1
March 18, 2011 Jan 15 (12MN) to Mar 17 (11:59PM) 1
March 25, 2011 Jan 15 (12MN) to Mar 24 (11:59PM) 1
April 1, 2011 Jan 15 (12MN) to Mar 31 (11:59PM) 1

Promo Prize:

  • 8 Winners of a Dell Inspiron (1 winner per period)

  • "An Official Receipt Number can be used by different mobile numbers multiple times but can only be used by one mobile number once" - you simply need to product the receipt if and when you win
  • Non-winning entries for the draws will still qualify for succeeding draws
  • None
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