HSBC Caltex or Starbucks?

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With every P2,000 minimum worth of purchase you use your HSBC credit card on, you have the option of availing 1 of 2 rewards - P100 at Caltex or a tall drink at Starbucks. Well actually 3 rewards to select from if you count the ongoing HSBC CPK Rewards Promo which will end this February. For Caltex Rebate and Starbucks Rewards however, it's going to end indefinitely. Seems like HSBC is trying to catch up with Citibank.

Your Starbucks® treat, from HSBC

Promo Requirement:
  • All primary and supplementary HSBC cardholders issued by HSBC Philippines
  • Single-receipt transaction of at least P2,000 presented within thirty (30) calendar days from the purchase or transaction date
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Present your Credit Card and submit your original charge slip at participating Caltex station if you would like a Caltex Gasoline Rebate or at any Starbucks branch for the Starbucks Instant Rewards promo
    • NOTE: You can avail this promo even if you have Citibank or any charge slip as long as you use HSBC to pay
  2. For the charge slip to be valid:
    • Name and card number on the charge slip must be the same as he name and card number on the HSBC
    • Transaction date of the charge slip must be within the promo period and should be resented within thirty (30) calendar days from the purchase or transaction date
  3. Updated mechanics
    • All casino transactions will not be honored for redemption.
    • Only one (1) transaction charge slip from a particular establishment made on the same day may be used for redemption under the Instant Rewards Feature. If two (2) or more charge slips were issued by the same establishment on the same day, the Cardholder may only use one (1) charge slip to redeem under the Instant Rewards Feature. The remaining charge slips will no longer be honored for purpose of Instant Rewards feature. The cost of the item redeemed through the use of the remaining charge slips shall be charged to the Cardholder’s Card.
    • The following details should be clear: credit card number, transaction date, transaction amount and approval code.
  4. View complete promo mechanics for Caltex Gasoline Rebate and Starbucks Instant Rewards
TIP: If your bill is big, try to ask the merchant to split up the bill into smaller transaction sizes.. Although the mechanics indicate that this isn't allowed, most merchants still do it if you ask nicely.

Promo Period: February 1, 2011 onwards (charge slips with spend/transaction starting January 15, 2011 will be accommodated)

Promo Prize:

  • Caltex Gasoline Rebate
    • Each charge slip with a minimum valid spend of P2,000 will give you one of the ff:
      • P100 Gasoline Rebate at Caltex - promo ended
      • NOTE: Enjoy a three percent (3%) rebate on fuel purchases made at participating Caltex Gasoline stations with a maximum cap of P35,000 per month.
      • NOTE: Only valid for participating Caltex stations
  • Starbucks Instant Rewards
    • Each charge slip with a minimum valid spend of P2,000 will give you one of the ff:
      • Tall Starbucks handcrafted beverage of your choice plus one add on (except bottled beverages, bottled water and fruit juices) ("Starbucks Beverage")
      • A 3-pack Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew (Colombia, Italian Roast or Decaf Italian Roast) from Starbucks under the Feature.

  • Mechanics did not indicate a limit to redemption of rewards
  • Both promos will run Feb 1, 2011 onwards
  • None
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