Fly One, Fly All, Fly FREE

Thursday, January 13, 2011 Unknown 0 Comments

Want to go on a FREE trip with your friends? Well you better have 149 friends who will instantly say yes to confirm. Cebu Pacific has an amazing gimmick called Fly One, Fly All, Fly FREE promo. Just create a plane with a flight plan of any Cebu Pacific destination due for travel on March 8, 2011 and return date of March 9 -15, 2011. The first plane that fills up 150 confirmed passengers (including you) will go to that selected destination on the selected date. You can also choose to browse through flights that have been created and join as a guest passenger. My advice is that you join the flight of Cedric Valera of Travel Factor. He currently has 100+ confirmed passengers. His flight plan is on March 8 departure from Manila to Caticlan and March 9 arrival from from Caticlan to Manila.

The Fly One, Fly All, Fly FREE promo is currently down due high volume of people using the application. It will be up soon though so stay glued to your computer.

Promo Mechanics:
  1. Log on Cebu Pacific Facebook Fan page and click on the Fly One, Fly All, Fly FREE tab to see the application.
  2. Create a flight by selecting your preferred flight details: destination (Cebu Pacific local and international flights) and return date (within March 9 - 15, 2011 only)
  3. Write a message asking your friends why they should book on your flight
  4. Invite 149 friends to confirm on your flight by using the application
  5. Your flight will be open to the public. You may choose to accept or reject other people who wants to join your plane
  6. If you create a flight, you may not be a guest to someone else's plane
  7. The plane that first completes and confirms all 150 passengers will win the flight of their choice
  8. If you choose to join as a guest on a plane, you simply need to visit a host flight page and click on the "Book a Seat" button. Note that you may be accepted or rejected as a guest passenger on that plane in the discretion of the host or creator of that flight plan.
  9. Those joining as guest may only choose to book a seat on one plane. You may cancel a seat to your selected plane to transfer to another one
  10. View complete promo mechanics
NOTE: Promo mechanics are from when the application was still running. The may change it once the application is running again.

Promo Period: First to get 150 confirmed passengers

Promo Prize:

  • 1st Plane that reaches 150 passengers first will go to the selected destination and date

  • Join Cedric Valera's plane. He now has 100+ confirmed passengers as of writing this post. His flight plan is on March 8 departure from Manila to Caticlan and March 9 arrival from from Caticlan to Manila
  • What an exciting promo
  • FREE to do
  • Easy to do
  • As of writing this post, the promo is currently in maintenance mode so you may not be able to use it. Everybody seems to be using the application
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For more information, log on to Cebu Pacific Facebook Fan page