Christmas Potluck Suggestions

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Potluck parties are very common for parties and gatherings especially for us Filipinos. And now that it's Christmas season, there will be even more potluck parties. It's quite exhausting to think of a dish that you can contribute. For gifted cooks, this isn't a problem. They would actually be more than happy to make a dish and receive compliments for it. However for those who have no skill whatsoever at cooking, the best option or the only option is to buy. Here are some of the Christmas food I have tried which you may consider bringing to your next Christmas potluck party.

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Pizza Hut Lechon Pizza

There's no doubt that this dish looks and sounds awkward at first. It's like the sisig pizza Greenwich offered in the past. Just trying to imagine eating lechon, cheese and bread is a bit weird.

But everything new has to be given a chance so I tried it. The pizza looked like a meat lovers pizza with "chicharon" evenly distributed and drizzled with lechon sauce when it came out. The first bite didn't taste like a regular lechon. It actually tasted like a regular meat lovers pizza with lechon sauce. But as I took more bites in, I slowly had a hint of taste of that lechon flavor I was looking for.

What impressed me the most about the lechon pizza is the pig skin. It was crunchy and surprisingly not oily, somewhat similar to Oishi's Marty's Chicharon. It is said that the skin will retain it's crispiness for a long time because of a process they did where they took out all the moisture from the skin. Eating the pizza with the skin is more enjoyable and delectable. I would definitely eat this again

The lechon pizza is offered for a limited time only. It might not be available on the menu by early next year. The medium size (10") costs P329 while the large size (14") costs P499.

For more info on the lechon pizza, log in to They are also having an ongoing promo where they are giving out a Lechon Pizza feast

Krispy Kreme Chrismas Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme has a new line of donuts for this holiday season. There are 2 variants to choose from. The vanilla-frosted square-shaped doughnuts with green and red icing ribbons and the ring doughnut topped with vanilla icing and red and green candy sprinkles. There's also a snowman doughnut with vanilla icing and candy strip wrapped around its neck that acts as a scarf and blueberry jam that acts as buttons.

I found all of the donuts too sweet for my taste. Of all the donuts, I fancy the snowman doughnut most for the design, candy and blueberry jam. It's a mix of different taste of sweetness.

If you plan to buy these donuts, better make your way to your destination fast or keep the doughnut cool. When I opened my box of Krispy Kreme, the icing had melted which made it less appetizing and appealing to eat.

Not sure on the price per doughnut but I recon it will set you back probably around P50 - P60 each.

Reyes Barbecue Party Packs

I don't think I ever went to a potluck party without a barbecue. Someone always brings barbecue. If you're considering buying barbecue, you should consider the party pack Reyes Barbecue offers.

I'm pretty sure everyone has already tasted a Reyes Barbecue in their lifetime so I won't even bother to describe it. If you haven't, where have you been all these years?

The party packs offers barbecue in 2 sizes - regular and party size (cocktail size). The reason why they made a party size barbecue is because some people demanded a smaller version of the regular size barbeque. Maybe some people are light eater and a party size is perfect for them. That's better than wasting a half eaten barbecue right?

Party size (left) Regular (right)

Reyes Barbecues are made in meat-fat-meat-fat arrangement to give the meat the flavor of the fat as it cooks. The sauce is a perfect compliment for the barbecue.

Orders can be made through Quickdelivery or at their Bonifacio Stopover branch with tel. 8561215

Just a secret, take outs made at Bonifacio Stopover branch are given 10% discount.

Halfmoon Cafe Bibincrepe

Halfmoon Cafe made a twist to one of the most traditional Filipino desserts - bibingka. Their version is called bibincrepe, a fusion between a bibingka and a crepe. They use a pancake like batter to make the bibincrepe and fold in in half with filling sandwich in the middle. They have filling flavors like Cheese, Chocolate, Choco-Cheese, Corn-Cheese and Choco-Mallows.

Recently, they broke the world record for making the largest bibincrepe

Good for 200 people!

To be honest, I don't find anything extraordinary about the bibincrepe. It's just like a pancake folded in half with filling inside. I would prefer eating a regular bibingka over the bibincrepe.

For more information about Halfmoon, log on to