Bubble Tea Pichur Contest

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Head on over to any Bubble Tea branch with your camera and snap a fun and creative photo of you and your friends inside Bubble Tea and submit an entry to Bubble Tea and Nikon's Pichur Pichur Photo Contest. Every photo that gets approved will be given a large MILK TEA of any flavor. The photo entry that gets the most "likes" at the end of the contest period will receive a NIKON Coolpix S230 Camera and P1,500 Bubble Tea GC.

Bubble Tea, also commonly known as milk tea here, is what Bubble Tea restaurant is all about. Bubble Tea categorizes its drinks as follows - Milk Tea, Milk Shake, Green/Black Tea, and Tea Slush. The most commonly ordered are the Milk Tea drinks (photo below).

For all drinks, you have the option to choose the lessen the sugar or better yet, use Splenda if you happen to be a diabetic. You also have the option to choose the size of the "bubble" (commonly known as black pearls) to small, big or combination. The standard bubble is always combination. What I like about their bubbles is that it easily gets through the straw.

Pay an additional P20 for additional bubbles, vanilla ice cream or egg pudding. I recommend you try out the egg pudding which Bubble Tea makes themselves. It blends well with all the Milk Teas I have tried. The texture and taste is amazing.

I don't usually order Okonomiyaki when I go to Japanese restaurants. But after trying Bubble Tea's version, I'd probably order it again. Do try to share it with others though because it can be a bit filling.

I couldn't decide which I like better. The Vancouver sushi (photo on the left) or the Unagi Lover (photo on the left). Both sushi are yummy.

The Takoyaki octopus filled balls (topmost photo on the right) is simply delicious. It's actually one of the highlighted appetizer of Bubble Tea. I simply couldn't get enough of this.

Besides Japanese appetizers, there are also full rice and pasta meals at Bubble Tea. Instead of having a party at one place and going to a coffee shop afterward, you can just eat at Bubble Tea and have their drinks while you chat with your friends.

The Japanese Chicken is served on a basket with nori ginger sauce. It's juicy and savory as it is although putting some of that nori sauce to it takes it to a whole new level.

Bubble Tea also has a wide selection of delectable desserts to choose from. Their cakes tastes great with their Bubble Tea drinks.

Contest Requirements:
  • Photo must be inside a Bubble Tea store
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Send in your MOST FUN & CREATIVE picture inside any of the Bubble Tea stores
  2. Photo Guidelines
    • Photos must show inside a bubble tea store and with any of the bubble tea product
    • Photos cannot be major edited.
    • Photos must be clear
  3. Send photos via email to bbtnikon.facebook@gmail.com
    • The Subject line of your email will serve as your photo title
    • The message line of the email, include the following (this information will not be published publicly):
      • Name:
      • Address:
      • Age:
      • Sex:
      • Occupation-Company/School Level-School Name:
      • Mobile Number:
      • Telephone Number:
      • Email Address:
  4. Approved photos will be posted on The Bubble Tea Facebook Fan Page and will automatically receive a large MILK TEA any flavor
  5. You will be notified once your photo is uploaded on the Facebook fan page of Bubble Tea
  6. "Like" the Facebook fan page of Bubble Tea (http://www.facebook.com/tokyobubbletea) and Nikon Philippines (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nikon-Philippines/100143801270) then visit the album titled “BBT-NIKON PICHUR PICHUR CONTEST” and "like" your entry.
  7. Entry with the most number of "Likes" wins
  8. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: Submission Deadline - November 20, 2010

Contest Prize:

  • 1st place – NIKON Coolpix S230 (touchscreen LCD) Camera + P1,500 Bubble Tea Gift Cheque
  • 2nd place – P1,5000 Bubble Tea Gift Cheque
  • 3rd place – P1,000 Bubble Tea Gift Cheque
  • All qualified pictures that will be posted in the Bubble Tea Facebook page will automatically receive a large MILK TEA any flavor
  • All approved entries get a large MILK TEA any flavor
  • "All photos submitted will be the property of Bubble Tea Restaurant (Tokyo milk tea Corporation) and can be used for advertising and collaterals"
For more information, log on to facebook.com/tokyobubbletea