TARA Viewing at Legazpi City

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Did you get to watch the Amazing Race Asia last Thursday? Azrael and I was fortunate enough to be part of the viewing party of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) Season 4 Legazpi City leg with Philippine team members Lani Pillinger, Richard Hardin, and Richard Herrera. Legazpe├▒os was excited to see their beautiful city and its culture be showcased in a major TV reality program. To close the event with a bang, Ely Buendia also performed live on stage.


The Amazing Race viewing party was held at Embarcadero de Legazpi (Az and I had difficulty remembering the name of the place). The activity center was surrounded with the ever so recognizable Amazing Race flag with yellow and red vertical stripes. A large projector screen was also put up to give everyone a clear line of sight for the exciting program.

Rovilson Fernandez and Kat Alano hosted the event. If you're an avid follower of the Amazing Race Asia (TARA), you would know that Rovilson represented team Philippines in the Season 2 of the TARA with partner Marc Nelson. They came in 3rd following the Singapore and Malaysian teams.

Everyone was constantly looking at their timepieces in anticipation of the 9PM broadcast of the TARA episode 5 on AXN. Finally, the episode was aired and everybody was glued to their seats. Laughter and excitement filled the air while the audience watched the participants of TARA go through a series of tasks a Legazpe├▒o would have easily completed.

The Malaysian team arrived on the finish mat at Misibis bay (I'll be making a feature on this) first followed by the Philippine team Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera. They were actually neck-to-neck for the last task which was a game of chance. Unfortunately, luck was not on their side. Team Philippines, Jess & Lani, came in 5th.

After the episode, the Philippine team of TARA went up the stage to be recognized. Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera told the audience of how committed they were of making Philippines proud by being the winner for TARA. Will they be living up to their promise? Only one way to find out. Stay tuned to TARA Season 4 every Thursday night 9PM at AXN.

Planet Zips Poi Performance

Backstage Pictures

Everybody was wowed by Ely Buendia's special performance. Check out the video I made below

The Magic Shot