My Stay at Astoria Boracay

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

I went to Boracay last August 24 - 26 because I had a GC I got from Astoria. Yeah, I know I'm posting this a bit late but I would just like to share you my experience on my stay at Astoria Boracay hotel plus a few tips that could get you a FREE buffet even if you aren't staying there. Too bad I only found out about the offer when we were about to head home.

Came in via Kalibo this time around so we needed to take a bus ride going to Caticlan. We didn't bother booking for a transfer ride since we knew there were vans that could take you to the port from the airport. We saved a few hundred bucks by doing the van but boy was it a looong ride. I fell asleep and bumped my head on the window a couple of times. Next time, I suggest you book for a bus for a more comfortable ride. Better yet, take the Caliclan route instead.

After a long ride, we finally get to the hotel. We entered the back entrance (the entrance from the road and not the beach) since we took a motorcycle.

Checking in our rooms took quite a while. Despite having only a few people queuing in line, it took us around 30 minutes to check in. I even had to ask for our welcome drinks which wasn't even the least bit refreshing nor delicious.

The rooms looked modern and minimalistic with it's clean with white and blue color scheme.

Bed and pillows was very comfortable. Take this from a guy who can sleep anywhere. My only issue were the mosquitoes flying around the room. Although I think I killed all of it the 1st night, there were new ones on the 2nd night. I think they are attractive to the color of the room.

We even have 2 tables. One for the TV and drinks and the other is a glass round table (you can barely just make it out in the reflection of the mirror)

Our rooms at the 1st floor were more spacious than the rooms on the second floor. The best thing about the rooms on the ground floor is that you get this great view from outside. The only thing keeping your room private from prying eyes outside are the thick drapes.

The toilet can get a bit messy after taking a shower. As you can see, the glass panel that separates the shower is built halfway. No matter how careful you are of keeping the water in the tub, the water will find its way on the floor.

For some reason, the toilet has a stinky stench most probably from the sewers below. I think Astoria needs to fix their pluming or something. The rooms at the second floor had no smell whatsoever.

One of the highlights for Astoria is the pool and the cool furniture. You would think twice of hanging out at the pool instead of the beach.

As promised, here's a tip to get you a FREE buffet even if ever you're not staying in Astoria. All you need to do is drop by the resort and ask for a tour. Most probably, one of the sales staff will ask you if you have an Astoria membership card yet. Ask why and they will tell you that you can attend a short presentation for their Astoria membership card in exchange for a lunch or dinner buffet.

Speaking of the membership card, I was surprised to know that my aunt and cousin had also booked at Astoria Boracay the same date I had so we met. They got a complimentary stay at Astoria because of the membership card.

People usually go to Boracay on summer but Boracay is also great on the second half of the year. Weather is a cooler and bathing in the beach is much more relaxing especially without big waves splashing on your face (waves are on the other side of the island on the second half of the year).

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