FREE Online Backup and Storage

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

UPDATE 2: Dropbox just announced that it will be increasing the free account referral limit to the previous 10GB to 16GB! What's more, you now get 500MB per referral instead of the previous 250MB.

UPDATE: Just got my maximum FREE storage space of 10GB thanks to you guys. I want to help you increase your storage space too. So go ahead and paste your referral link in the comments section below. For those who haven't registered yet, please click on the referral links in the comments section instead of the one in the body of this post.

I have been using Dropbox for a few months now thanks to my brother who convinced me to use it. Dropbox in a nutshell is an online backup and storage service that syncs files on your computer to the cloud or the internet and vice-versa. Finding it hard to grasp the concept? Let's just say you have files on your computer you want to backup. You would probably save a backup of your file/s in your partitioned hard drive, external hard drive, USB thumb drive, or email. However, every time you edit a specific file you need to copy and paste it again to back it up. Very tedious! Dropbox makes it easier for you by syncing a Dropbox folder on your computer into the website of Dropbox as you make the changes. No need to copy and paste files over and over again. For a basic account, you get a whopping 2GB worth of storage absolutely FREE by simply registering. You could also increase your Dropbox storage space by doing what I am doing now, referring your friends to Dropbox. Every person you invite will give both you and your friend an extra 250MB 500MB space. Dropbox has recently increased the referral limit from 5GB to 16GB for basic accounts and up to 32GB for Pro accounts