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Back when there were no cars and the only way to travel was on foot, you could only go so far as the next neighborhood. In Tagalog, we called this activity of going to the other side of the neighborhood "mangibayo" from the word "ibayo" which means the next barrio or town. That's also the of name the two Ongpauco brothers took on for their restaurant which hails its roots from the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants. This restaurant will redefine the word "ibayo"

Want to Win 1 of 3 P1,000 ibayo GCs? You know you do...

Brothers Tyrone and Tristan Ongpauco are actually the third generation members of the Barrio Fiesta Restaurant clan. Yes, it's been that long! They decided to differentiate themselves by designing their restaurant as a contemporary bistro style restaurant but still staying true to Filipino aesthetics.

Tristan & Tyrone Ongpauco with their Tita Monica Asuncion who manages ibayo

ibayo is quite spacious. What I like about the setup is that you can form a pretty long table that is perfect for those big family and barkada gatherings. There are also seats outside the restaurant facing Manila bay. Although I must warn you that the establishments nearby are bars which means it can get a bit noisy at night.

Chicharon - FREE!

While you decide and wait for your orders, why don't you munch on some FREE chicharon.

Sago at Gulaman Fishbowl - P120 (good for 2)
Four Seasons - P115

I got Four Seasons while Elna of had a Sago at Gulaman in a Fishbowl which she shared with her sister. The Sago at Gulaman is really cool to look at. Just look at the size of the bowl! The price is quite reasonable too.

ibayo Firesticks - new addition

Start with a little zing with the ibayo Firesticks. It's basically a lumpia roll filled with jalapeno and cheese. With it comes a sweet sauce to soothe that spicy flavor. For those of you who fear spicy food, don't worry, jalapeno isn't that strong once it is cooked. I actually know of 2 other restaurants that offers this dish.

Mama Chit's Special - P695 (good for 4-5 person)

An assortment of seafood, pork and chicken served on a bilao. This is great as a pulutan or as ulam

Kuhol sa Gata - P180

Ah, the exquisite taste of kuhol. Only a few bloggers did try this dish. Some out of curiosity while some out of peer pressure. I personally liked the dish because I just love chewing on these little critters. There is a bit of earthy taste you may not like but that's the way it should taste.

Seafood Kare-kare - P399

The one thing I try not to order in a Filipino restaurant is the Kare-kare mainly because I feel cheated from the lack of meat and taste of the sauce. ibayo's Seafood Kare-kare however is quite generous on the meat. The sauce is also excellent in terms of quality and creaminess. Don't forget to add the bagoong

Paella Negra - new addition

Ibayo Crispy Pata - P425 (regular); P525 (large)

Did you know that the crispy pata is ordered 70% of the time in a Filipino restaurant? No, I just made that up. But that's probably what's going to happen once people get a taste out of ibayo's Crispy Pata.

Majablanco - P65
Putobungbung - P65

A Filipino lunch wouldn't be complete with some sweets. I suggest you try both the Majablanco and Putobungbung to give your dinner or lunch a happy ending. These are both equally good desserts.

Avocado shake - P105
Cathy of -Priceless

Have an all-you-can-eat merienda for only P100 at ibayo. The merienda buffet runs daily from 3PM - 6PM. I should probably try this one of these days.

Ibayo by Barrio Fiesta
Bldg. G Unit 7-8 San Miguel by the Bay Seaside Brgy. 076 SM Bay City, Central Business Park 1-A Pasay City
Operating hours - 3PM to 12MN on weekdays and 3PM to 2AM on weekends and lunch on holidays.

For reservations, you may contact Monica Asuncion at 0906-5002782.

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Promo Period: August 17 - 23 (my bday!), 2010

Promo Prize:
  • 3 winners will EACH receive P1,000 worth of ibayo GC


Just looking at your entries made me crave for ibayo's dishes. You can invite me for dinner you know *wink* *wink* And here are the 3 lucky winners...

Congratulations to Erlinda Oyan, Luisa Clemente, and Maren Bana-ag. You just won P1,000 worth of ibayo GC EACH. Happy dining! Let me know what you think of the food. Please check your Facebook inbox on how to claim you prizes.