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Friday, August 27, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

Can you bear watching a movie without dialogues? My mom can! Every time she watches her favorite Korean series in the bedroom at night, she mutes the audio because other people are sleeping in the same room. If you can do what my mom can, then you should catch the 4th International Silent Film Festival happening at the Shangri-La Cineplex on August 28-29, 2010 to be shown absolutely FREE! Select from 4 silent movies from Spain Germany Italy and Japan that incorporates black-and-white video and a OPM musical scores as the only audio

Promo Mechanics:
  1. Visit for Movie Schedule
  2. Go to Shangrila-La Plaza
  3. Get your tickets for FREE! (1st come 1st served) Go there at least 2 hours before the screening time to make sure you get tickets.
  4. Enjoy the movie!
Promo Period: August 28 -29, 2010
  • Aug 28 6:30PM - Assunta Spina (Italy) music by Cliph8
  • Aug 28 8:30PM - Kodakara Sodo Kid Commotion (Japan) music by Radio Active Sago Proj.
  • Aug 29 3:00PM - La Bodega Wine Cellars music by Tanglaw
  • Aug 28 5:00PM - Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Grosstadt Symphony of a Great City (Germany) music by Out of Body Special

  • It's absolutely FREE
  • Definitely none!
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