Resorts World Newport Cinemas

Tuesday, August 03, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

I got a chance to watch Salt last week at Newport Cinemas at Resorts World. Yes, that's the casino in front of NAIA terminal 3. Being that it is a Megaworld development, I expected that the cinemas there would be the same as in Eastwood where I usually watch. I prefer Eastwood cinemas primarily because of the rocker seats. If you have watched there, you know what I am talking about.

Cinema 3 Digital 3D

The seats in Newport Cinemas are the same with that of Eastwood. Now I'm not sure if it is exactly the same but it feels the same to me. You will find yourself rocking the first 5 minutes after you get in one of those chairs.

We got to watch Salt in cinema 2 which uses a standard 35mm projection system. Most of the bloggers were positioned 3 rows away from the screen. Even if the seats could lean back a little, it was still difficult to watch such a big screen from about 30 feet away. It wasn't a pleasant experience

Concessionaire area

On the other hand, the movie made up for my uncomfort. The story, action scenes, and of course Angelina Jolie, was AWESOME! It's a movie worth watching twice which is just what I did over the weekend. If you haven't had the chance to watch it yet, try to catch it this week. Cinemas will most probably show this until next week since it's a box-office hit. And if it so happens that you are near the airport, why not watch it in the new Newport Cinemas. Just make sure you get seats 5 or more rows away from the screen for a pleasant viewing experience

Ticket prices are sold at P200 for Cinema 2 and 4 while Cinema 3 tickets are sold at P300 as it boasts a Digital 3D system. They also have an Ultra Cinema similar to that of Eastwood

Newport Cinemas is located at:
4/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City. For inquiries and movie schedule, you may call (632)836-6333