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Thursday, August 12, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

If I could turn back time, I probably would have done an number of things to Boy-Kuripot to make it better for me and you, the readers. At least that's my realization when I started classes at Anton Diaz's Maven Secrets 3.0. Thanks to Vince of wheninmanila.com, I won a full scholarship by joining his contest. Now, since I'm the last scholar to the program, it's my turn to pay it forward to you readers by giving you a chance to Win Maven Secrets 4.0 scholarships worth P40,000

An exceptional bunch of people in Maven Secrets 3.0 (can you find me?)

Anton is kind enough to sponsor a 1 Full Scholarship (P40,000), and 2 half-scholarships (P20,000 worth) to the Maven Secrets 4.0 program to you Boy-Kuripot readers who has the drive and passion to start or improve your blog but can't afford the program due to financial limitations.

The Maven Secrets program is a 90-day Professional Blogging and Internet Marketing Program that has a series of lessons aimed at making your blog a success for you and for your readers. I know I may sound a bit vague so to give you a brief preview of what the program is about, you may download Anton's TheBloggingSecretsofOurAwesomePlanet eBook absolutely FREE! To know more about Maven Secrets 4.0 you may visit mavensecrets.com. Maven Secrets 4.0 classes will start on August 25, 2010

I really want to give this prize to deserving readers. To separate the bad eggs ones from the good ones, I'm holding the first blog contest here at Boy-Kuripot.

Contest Requirements:
  • Must have a blog (you can create one now in blogger, wordpress, livejournal or tumbler for FREE) Even if your entry to this contest is your first blog post on that blog is absolutely OK with me
Contest Mechanics:
  1. On your newly created or existing blog, answer this question "What are you blogging for?"
  2. Blog Post Requirements
    • Must have a hyperlink to this contest post (http://boy-kuripot.blogspot.com/2010/08/learn-maven-secrets.html)
    • Must have a hyperlink to Maven Secrets website (http://www.mavensecrets.com/)
    • Must answer the question
  3. After you have published your blog post, leave a comment below using your Facebook account and paste in the URL of your blog post
  4. Winners will be chosen by yours truly
  5. Judging Criteria
    • 50% Vision / Mission of blog
    • 30% Social Impact
    • 20% Originality
  6. One entry per person only
  7. Winners will be contacted through Facebook PM and will be announced here on this post
Contest Period: August 12 - 23, (my birthday!) 2010

Contest Prize:

  • Grand Prize winner - Full Scholarship worth P40,000 to the Maven Secrets 4.0
  • 2nd and 3rd Prize winner - Half-scholarships worth P20,000 to the Maven Secrets 4.0 per winner
  • FREE to do
  • You don't need to have an existing blog
  • None

And like how Anton ends his blog posts at ourawesomeplanet.com, I hope you ~ Live an Awesome Life


I just spent the hour reading and rereading all your entries because all of them had such potential. Sad to say, I can only award 3 winners for the Maven Secret scholarships.
  1. Full Scholarship - onevoicesite.blogspot.com
    • This blog may seem simple at first glance but a closer look will make you think twice. The idea of sharing stories of individual people has already crossed my mind in the past. But it's a novel idea that you get other people's message across through the power of a blog. Everyone has an equal right to an opinion and voice in this world whatever their status may be. I see this blog as a venue where we can reflect on different perspectives of a wide range of social issues that is relevant to our country today. I give this blog a score of 95%
  2. Half Scholarship - kotseguy.blogspot.com
    • I honestly don't care much about cars. All I require is that it is running and has air conditioning. But learning that you can actually own and sell a car at a profit after using it blows my mind. If this is true, I could actually drive different cars every year without shelling out extra cash. A blog like this would prove very useful to the thousands of car owners and car enthusiasts here in the Philippines. In the end, all of us will be smarter car owners and car buyers.
  3. Half Scholarship - thevideocamproject.wordpress.com
    • I have seen a lot of local vlogs (video blogs) around the net but nothing seems to come close to the level of energy and entertainment of this vlog. It's fast paced, funny, entertaining, and easy to watch. Ok, you may argue that there is no social impact or vision whatsoever. However for me, I find hilarious content beneficial for us because it creates a positive aura that echos to everyone around us. It's a chain reaction!
Thank you for all who joined. I know all of you allotted time and effort in writing your entries. I appreciate them all! For the winners, please check your Facebook inbox on how to proceed to claim your scholarships.