Internet and Mobile Summit '10

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With the country boasting a huge 80.45 million mobile users (as of May 2010 - Wikipedia) and a staggering 30 million internet users (as of 2010 - Yahoo-Nielsen), you can't ignore the fact there is a huge potential in marketing your product and service in these platforms. Learn how to best utilize the power of the net and mobile in Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines' (IMMAP) Digital Ripple 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2010 happening at SMX, Mall of Asia this August 19 and 20, 2010. Win yourself a one of two seats by simply blogging why you want to attend the event.

I would like to go to this event mainly for 2 reasons: my blog and my work.

Blogging has been part of my life for more that 2 years now. I love chatting and meeting readers as I love talking to clients interested in partnering with me. I feel the need to learn more strategies on how to better promote my blog online and on mobile. In the same way, I would also like to give you, my readers, different options of getting access to my content (especially those 1-day only promotions). As for clients, I can give insights on how they can fully optimize their campaigns with me.

My work involves a marketing various IT products. Some of which are online or web-based portal. It would be safe for me to say that our products are unique and have specific target markets. Since my boss is as stingy as me (hope he doesn't get to read this), he wants to put a big bulk of our marketing efforts online as well as on mobile because it is more quantifiable, less costly and can be very targeted.

I hope that I get one of the seats at the Digital Ripple 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2010. I believe that this summit will be a fruitful experience for me as a blogger and as an IT marketing professional.

Follow the mechanics below and get a chance to win a seat in the summit

Contest Mechanics:
  1. Make a blog entry about the The Digital Ripple 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2010 and cite why you like to attend this two-day event
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  4. Post a comment to the contest page and indicate the URL blog post of your entry
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Contest Period: Submission Deadline is on August 7, 2010

Contest Prize:

  • One winner shall be based on most number of Facebook likes
  • One winner will be based on the blog post story

  • FREE to do
  • Online submission
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  • None
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