Delish's Awesome Promos

Monday, August 30, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

Whenever I eat at a buffet with fresh oysters, I always ask the chef to bake me a couple with cheese and garlic. I just love Oysters. If you are as oyster crazy as I am, be sure to try out a new restaurant in Teachers Village QC named Delish. A suiting name for a Filipino restaurant that serves delicious food. They also have some awesome promos that will give you incentive to stay longer.

Delish is a bit difficult to find especially if you aren't familiar in the area. But it's actually more exciting that way because it's always an adventure to find the hidden gem right?

Look for the Large Delish signboard

Delish is engulfed in blue lighting that comes from the bar. Paintings of UP artists surround it's walls which you can purchase with the amount indicated on the label. The long tables are perfect for big family or barkada gatherings. The interior is still in the works so don't judge the ambiance just yet.

Mel and I were the first one to arrive at Delish so we decided to order some drinks.

House Iced Tea - P45

Behold Delish's house blended iced tea. The iced tea they served is raspberry flavored. Absolutely refreshing and delicious too.

Baked Oysters w/ Garlic and Cream Cheese - P225 (around 8 pcs)
Baked Oysters w/ Spinach, Bacon and Herb - P220 (around 8 pcs)

The oysters are simply superb. I didn't get to try the cheese with garlic but those who got to try it said it was simply delicious. I got to try the spinach with bacon. It tastes like the oysters served in Via Mare which makes sense because their cook came from there. Just one oyster is definitely not enough for an oyster lover like me. The dish they served us is a mix of the two varieties which you can also opt to do.

Eggplant and Pumpkin Soup Duo - P90

I never thought to mix eggplant and pumpkin in a dish, more so for a soup! This soup actually surprised me. The two vegetables blends together so well in my mouth. It's simply the best of both worlds. Presentation looks very appetizing too!

Spicy Chicken Wing w/ Honey Mustard Sauce - P175

Not sure what the sauce on top is but it's really savory. The level of spiciness is just right, a tad weaker than that of Vcut potato chips. What really impressed me is the crispiness of the skin without the excess oil. The chicken itself taste good already as it is but if you want to add zing, go ahead and generously dip it in the mustard sauce.

Boneless Crispy Pork Knuckles w/ Oriental Sauce - P390

The Pork knuckles is presented so elegantly. The same as the chicken, the skin in it's ultimate crispiness without the oil. Apply the accompanied oriental sauce generously to make this dish even more marvelous.

Golden Fillet of Fish w/ Sweet Banana and Fresh Tomato Relish - P185

First thing that comes to mind after my first bite is pasta. The sauce gave me cravings for pasta in this dish.

Ox Tongue w/ Creamy Garlic and Mushroom Sauce - P185

I wish their Ox tongue (lengua) had more sauce. I just love my ox tongue to be soaked in a brown thick gravy sauce. Then again, I found the sauce a bit salty for my taste buds so good thing there wasn't too much. Everyone loved the mashed potato side dish. Even Mel, who wasn't a fan of potatoes

Pinakbet w/ Bagnet - P195
Crispy Marinated Chicken w/ Honey and Fried Garlic Chips - P185

Pork Sisig Special - P180

The Pork Sisig was very light and crunchy. This would be a great pulutan while hanging out with friends.

Korean Beef Stew - P265

This was my least favorite of all the dishes. Although the sauce of the Korean beef stew is good, the beef itself was quite dry and hard. Very difficult to chew.

Butterscotch Pavlova - P145

What do you get if you whipped some egg whites, toss in some mangoes and drizzle some butterscotch? Answer - a taste of heaven!

Amaretto Sour - P125

Don't let this small drink fool you. The Amaretto Sour packs a powerful punch. I always thought this was a long drink but it seems that it's a short cocktail drink after all


Delish is a good place to hang out with your drinking buddies given the good food coupled with great promotions. Aside from the 3 for P100 an local beers (including Red Horse), there is also a Buy-1-Take-1 happy hour promo on cocktails from 8PM onwards (nope that's not a typo!).

Delish also has a limited time promo offering of a FREE oyster dish for every P1,000 food purchase (drinks not included). The promo runs from Sept 1- 15, 2010 only.

Prices are exclusive of service charge.

There is also an Acoustic Night every MWF and Karaoke from 10pm onwards!

103 Maginhawa St. Teachers Village
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: 3555241

For more information, log on to Delish's Facebook Fan page