Wrangler Expressions Contest

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Wrangler celebrates life lived full throttle. Test your nerves. Charge into the wilderness. Find your true self in the great outdoors. Constant action, an adrenaline high. Darkness held back by headlights. Old friends around you. The bluest blue denim jeans. A motorcycle jacket. A vintage Tee and slim-fit shirt. Dusty and worn: wide awake as the sun comes up. This adventure takes you to the edge. This is Vegas Heat, Wrangler's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

Join the Wrangler Expressions Photo Contest by submitting your own personal interpretation of one of Wrangler's expressions (styles). 1 dude and 1 dudette will have a chance to express their own fashion statement with P3,000 Wrangler GC EACH!

Wrangler Spring/summer 2010 collection is built around three exquisite expressions.

Delivery One -- Ride Wild, gathers up small-town rebels. The look is fresh-vintage and modern: classic blue jeans worn with slim shirts or trampled Tees. It’s a simple and iconic style. Jump into your pick-up truck and tear around town; head out into the desert for a test of nerves. Biker jackets and shirts are the highlights in the product story.

Delivery Two – 1947 - follows the engineer as artist. These are hard-wearing clothes, inspired by Wrangler’s role supplying workwear to the US military in the 1940’s. These clothes were tailor-made with purpose, the stern colours chosen to show off the precision and skill behind their construction. This is all about an authentic and unique union between functionality and the fascination for work-army uniforms.

Delivery Three, in contrast, is full of bang and flash. Called 51st Star, these are light, bright clothes for a hot party night, filled with fun and fireworks. The legendary rivalry between stunt riders Evel Knievel and Eddie Kidd fuels the excitement. Products are in red, white and Blue in 70’s styles, with racing numbers and prints, stars and stripes.

Check out the Wrangler spring/summer 2010 collections at Wrangler stores.

Contest Mechanics:
  1. Through a photo, create your own rendition of one of the three exquisite expressions of Wrangler
  2. Photo Requirements
    • You must be in that photo. More than 1 people may be in the photo but the one who submits the entry must be in that photo
    • Wearing of any Wrangler apparel is optional. There will be no bias in judging for those wearing Wrangler apparel
    • Photos must not be digitally manipulated or altered
    • Do the exact same pose or do your own rendition. It's your call
  3. Log into your Facebook account and "like" Boy Kuripot
  4. On Boy-Kuripot's Facebook wall, complete the sentence: "I'm joining @Boy Kuripot's Wrangler Expressions Contest. In my photo entry, I chose to portray the expression ___________ because ___________ . "
    • HOW TO TAG: Type in the "@" symbol then follow it with the word "Boy Kuripot" This will prompt a drop-down menu box which will present you "Boy Kuripot" Click that and you should see the "Boy Kuripot" become a blue link.
    • NOTE: Copying and pasting the lines above will not create a tag so type the "@" manually. You cannot upload a photo and post a link at the same time so just leave the URL of this blog in the message of your wall post.
  5. Click on the "Photos" icon and upload your photo submission and press "Share"
  6. To check if your entry is valid, you should be able to see your message post on the Fan page wall of Boy-Kuripot
  7. Judging Criteria
    • 70% Boy Kuripot will judge the most outstanding photo and answer
    • 30% Number of Likes of your photo
  8. One entry per person ONLY and 1 photo per submission (no 2 persons can submit the same photo wherein they are both present.
  9. Winners will be informed via a personal message and will also be announced here
  10. Prize will be sent via courier or mail anywhere in the Philippines so everyone can join
Contest Period: July 14 - August 14, 2010

Contest Prize:
  • 2 Winners will each receive a P3,000 Wrangler GC EACH (1 Guy and 1 Girl)


I suppose I didn't get that much entries because most of you are either shy posing for a camera and uploading it online. Well, the one with the guts and style gets to take home the prizes! Congratulations to Resly Amador and Febrina Tanghal. You are the winners of P3,000 Wrangler GC. Go and buy yourselves some Wrangler outfits and express who you really are.

Check out Resly's and Febrina's entry.