FREE Oreo Snack at 7-Eleven

Monday, July 26, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

UPDATE: For those who aren't able to claim the Oreos, ask the 7-Eleven staff to enter the bar code in their POS system. Thanks to Alice sharing this info.

Merienda time! Get your FREE Oreo Snack Packs at the nearest 7-Eleven store NATIONWIDE on Oreo's promotional website called Just register for a FREE account and refer at least 5 of your friends via email to get any of the 3 Oreo Snack Pack variants. Play the games on the site and you can get up to three FREE Oreo Snack Packs. Claim the Oreos by printing out the email confirmation. I'm not sure if 7-Eleven tracks the email confirmation on their computer. If not, people can take advantage of the promotion by printing multiple copies of their email and claiming it at different 7-Eleven outlets.

I claimed mine last Friday. They ran out of vanilla and these were the remaining Oreos