Ayos ka sa Ayosdito

Tuesday, July 06, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

What I like about the net are the tons of FREE services available online that are useful to all of us. One in particular is Ayosdito.ph, a FREE online classified portal for products, real estate, and jobs. What makes it stand out from other sites is its capability to sort ads via location. It makes it easy for buyers and job hunters to find what they are looking for since all the ads can be categorized by region. Another great advantage is that it doesn't require you to register on the site before you could create an ad. This allows people to post ads more efficiently therefore saving time.


I have actually tried the service a few months back when I created an ad for the Stuffed Breadsticks I am selling. It just took me a couple of minutes to compose the ad and another day to confirm posting it as they claim to maintain a strict approval process. Last month, Ayosdito sent me a notification email telling me that my ad had just expired and that if I wanted to extend my ad duration, all I needed to do was to click a link. I found their process really convenient!

Stuffed Breadsticks  - Image

Ayosdito also makes it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for. I tried searching for van for sale and I came up some interesting search results like ambulance, rescue and x-ray vans.

With all the great features it offers, I wonder how far Ayosdito would fair in the online classified space in the future.