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Have a taste of heaven with Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo. They have a wide selection of pizza, pasta, and combo meals everyone is going to enjoy. What's more is how they exemplify the generosity of a godly being by offering promotions of great value such as the Buy-1-Take-1 year-long promo and the Boy-Kuripot promo where you, the readers, can Win an Angel's Double Pizza delivered right to your doorstep.

There are 3 types of pizza dough available at Angel's Pizza. You have the Original Hand Tossed, the Thin Crust and the Double. My personal preference is the Angel's Double because it is double the flavor, double the fun!

Hand Tossed Angel's Style - P555 (Big Family)

Hand Tossed Extra Feast - P555 (Big Family)

The Hand Tossed pizza comes in 10 flavors. The dough is slightly thinner compared to that of Pizza Hut. Another good point is the absence of oil on the dough which you can see from the carton pizza box. In other pizza restaurants, that box would be soaked in oil.

Thin Crust Tuna Pesto - P515

The Thin Crust comes in 2 flavors: Shrimp and Tuna Pesto. The thickness and crunchiness of the crust was just right while the ingredients and cheese stuck on the crust quite well which made it easy to hold and eat. Thin crust in other pizza restaurants usually can't get the cheese and ingredients to stay intact.
Double Cheesy Melt - P599

Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think any other pizza place offers a Double crust like this one. The Double pizza gives you 2 layers of the same ingredients separated by a thin crust. No wonder each bite gives you an explosion of flavor.

Classic Spaghetti - P139
Carbonara - P179
Arrabiata P179
Pesto P179

<>Pudding with vanilla sauce - P55<>Brownie Squares - P85

The side items are great for ending a pizza feast. If you are going to have the Brownie Squares delivered, make sure to heat it up in the oven before you serve it. The chocolate will simply melt in your mouth giving you a blissful feeling. I didn't get to take a picture of the carrot loaf which was also commendable

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Check out the full menu on Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo Facebook page

Angel's Pizza offers a Year-Round Buy-1-Take-1 Promo:
  • Makati Store
    • 10AM - 1PM (DI TO DE)
    • 12AM - 3AM (DI TO only)
  • Kalayaan Store
    • 10AM - 1PM (DI TO DE)
  • Fairview Store
    • All day (DI TO only)
    • 10AM - 1PM (DI TO DE)
  • Pasig Store
    • 10AM - 1PM (DI TO DE)
    • 10PM - 12AM (DI TO DE)
  • Sucat
    • 10AM - 1PM (DI TO DE)
    • 10PM - 12AM (DI TO DE)
  • Recto
    • 10AM - 1PM (DI TO DE)
  • Malate
    • All day (DI TO DE)
*DI - dine in; TO- take out; DE - delivery

Aside from the Buy1-Take-1 promo, Angel's Pizza also gives SMAC, Prestige, BDO Rewards cardholders and Boardwalk members a 20% discount on every pizza purchase or an additional Medium Pizza for every purchase of Big Family Pizza

Now complete the statement below on you Facebook account and get yourself an Angel's Pizza delivered straight to your doorstep

Promo Mechanics:
  1. Log into your Facebook account and "like" Boy-Kuripot and Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo
  2. On your Facebook wall, complete this sentence: "I'm craving for some @Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo. I better call their delivery hotline _______ to order some pizza and share it with @[friend's names]"
    • HOW TO TAG: Type in the "@" symbol then follow it with the word "Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo" This will prompt a drop-down menu box which will present you "Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo" Click that and you should see the "Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo" become a blue link. Do the same with the name of your friends
    • NOTE: Copying and pasting the lines above will not create a tag so type the "@" manually. You cannot upload a photo and post a link at the same time so just leave the URL of this blog in the message of your wall post.
    • NOTE: You need to tag at least 5 of your friends you want to share the pizza with
    • CLUE: Delivery hotline can be seen on their Facebook page and the promo poster above
  3. Link this blog post as a link to your wall post. After writing the text above, click the attach link icon and paste the URL of this post ( and choose any picture on this post
  4. Finally, change the privacy restriction of this post to "Everyone" by clicking on the lock icon just left of the "Share" button
  5. One entry per person ONLY
  6. To check if your entry is valid, you should be able to see your message post on the Fan page wall of Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo
  7. Those with correct and valid entries will be included in the electronic raffle draw using
  8. Winners will be informed via a personal message and will also be announced here
  9. Winners can claim their prize at any Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo branches
Promo Period: July 3 - 17, 2010
  • Week 1: July 3 - 9
  • Week 2: July 10 - 17
Promo Prize:
  • Week 1: 2 winners will EACH receive a choice of an Angel's Double Cheesy Melt, an Angel's Double Cheesy Burger or an Angel's Double BBQ delivered to their home
  • Week 2: 3 winners will EACH receive a choice of an Angel's Double Cheesy Melt, Angel's Double Cheesy Burger or an Angel's Double BBQ delivered to their home


Congratulations to the Winners of week 1 - Jebsen Rederri Go Gamido and Nelson Alejo. Entry of Iya is disqualified because she did not follow the step of linking this blog post.

Congratulations to the Winners of week 2 - Maricris Solano, Willy Vh and Lyn Usero. Entry of Archie is disqualified because he did not follow the step of linking this blog post.

Enjoy your Angel's Pizza guys! Expect a PM from me on Facebook on how to claim your Angel's Pizza delivery.