What is your Toughest Job?

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DOLE and the People’s Champ together with top pain relief brand Alaxan FR are on the search for the Toughest Jobs in the Philippines. The contest seeks to honor Filipino men and women who face the challenges of their day-to-day jobs with pride, resiliency and most of all toughness. Post your toughest jobs on the comments section below and I will award 3 winners a tough jobs T-shirt, cellphone cleaner and an Alaxan FR’s sample pack. Entries will be uploaded to the toughjobsphilippines.com where 1 winner will be given P20,000 in cash and trophy which will be awarded by Manny Pacquiao himself. Those who register an account also receives a FREE Alaxan FR gift pack to be claimed at any Watson's store

Contest Mechanics:
  1. Answer Alaxan FR’s question: What is your toughest job?
  2. Submit your entry by posting a comment below. Be sure to indicate your name and occupation. You may include a link of your photo of your tough job
    • NOTE: Entries from exploitative and unsafe workplaces will be disqualified
  3. Submit the same entry (your writeup, photo, name and occupation) to alaxantoughjobs@gmail.com
  4. All entries will be screened and approved by DOLE before it is automatically uploaded to the contest site, toughjobsphilippines.com
  5. The most number of votes on the contest site will win the website prize
  6. I on the other hand will choose 3 people, who has left a comment on this post, whom I think have the toughest jobs
  7. Optional: You may register for an account at toughjobsphilippines.com to get a FREE Alaxan FR gift pack
  8. I will announce the winners here on this blog post and contact them via email
  9. Winners can claim their prizes at GeiserMaclang Office – 6F Cambridge Center Building, 108 Tordesillas cor Gallardo Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Contest Period:
  • Submission Deadline for this blog promo: July 15, 2010
  • Submission Period for the contest site: May 26 - August 21, 2010

Contest Prize:
  • This blog promo - 3 winners will EACH get a tough jobs T-shirt, cellphone cleaner and an Alaxan FR’s sample pack
  • The contest site - 1 winner of P20,000 in cash and trophy which will be awarded by Manny Pacquiao himself
  • Registering on the contest site - FREE Alaxan FR gift pack
  • FREE to do
  • Easy to do
  • Online submission
  • FREE Alaxan FR gift pack
  • None
For more information, log on to toughjobsphilippines.com


Reading through all your stories makes it look like I have it easy. You guys are one tough bunch of Pinoys! Your stories reflect how we Filipinos are truly are hard-working individuals. But aside from being known for working hard, you show one common thing with each other and that is the drive to make a change for someone or something. It may be your family, your dream, your aspirations. Whatever the goal, all this creates a positive effect that lingers through our hearts and minds for both receiver and giver. My salute to all tough Pinoys!

It wasn't easy choosing the winners. Here are my top 3 picks in no particular order.

Jameela Malicdem - I envy the road you took at such a young age. If I could just turn back the hands of time, I would probably be more active in being involved in different organizations that made a change to myself and to others.

May Ann Saturno - Your work is literally a back breaking job! I can just imagine how strained your eyes and stiff your muscles must be at the end of every shift. On the bright side, it is a great feeling knowing you have made a positive difference somebody's life

Ferdinand Angeles - Micro-entrepreneurs is the solution to alleviating poverty. I admire you for being an instigator of entrepreneurship to our fellow countrymen who have little or no resources at all. The dangers that go with the work seems to be enveloped by your determination of helping others.

Thank you for all your entries. For the winners, please wait for an email on how to claim your prizes. Prizes will be released on August 15