Emir Essay Writing Contest

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The Film Development Council (FDCP) launched an essay writing contest for students in grade school, high school and college about the movie, EMIR. Produced by the FDCP, in association with the CCP, EMIR is a musical film about the heroism of an Filipina OFW working in the Middle East. Students are asked to watch the movie opening on June 9 and respond to a question about the movie. CASH prizes will be awarded to the winners and their respected principals/headmasters.


Contest Requirements:
  • Open to all public and private Grade school, High school and College students
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Watch Emir at your local cinemas on June 9, 2010
  2. Grade school
    • Write a 200-word essay answering the following question: "What did you learn about OFWs in the movie, EMIR?"
  3. High school
    • Write a 700-word paper on how the movie, EMIR, helps promote the heroism and dignity of our OFWs, thereby giving them a better, more positive image
  4. College students
    • Write a 1000-word critique focusing on how the movie, EMIR, relates to the adage, the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. What implications about Filipino society does the movie present?
  5. Essay Guideline
    • Filipino or English
    • 12pt Times New Roman
    • 1.5 Spacing
    • Justified
  6. For Grade School and High School category, the principal/headmaster will narrow down their students’ entries to the TOP FIVE (5). Only these five (5), or less, can be submitted to the FDCP electronically. One (1) email per student
  7. Student should submit
    • Essay entry
    • Scanned copies of school ID
    • Signed endorsement letter from the principal/headmaster/dean
  8. Submitted entry to fdcpemircollege@yahoo.com and follow the subject line format: “ENTRY [school] [last name] [first name] [middle name]”
  9. An automatic reply will be sent once your entry has been received.
  10. Only the 1st five (5) entries from each school, with accompanying endorsement letters, will be recognized
  11. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: Submission Deadline - June 25, 2010 EXTENDED July 23, 2010

Contest Prize:

  • Grade school
    • 1st Prize: P15,000 (principal/headmaster gets P10,000)
    • 2nd Prize: P10,000 (principal/headmaster gets P5,000)
    • 3rd Prize: P5,000 (principal/headmaster gets P2,500)
  • High school
    • 1st Prize: P20,000 (principal/headmaster gets P10,000)
    • 2nd Prize: P15,000 (principal/headmaster gets P5,000)
    • 3rd Prize: P10,000 (principal/headmaster gets P2,500)
  • College students
    • 1st Prize: P30,000
    • 2nd Prize: P20,000
    • 3rd Prize: P15,000

  • FREE to do
  • Online submission
  • CASH prizes
  • Principals gets prizes too
  • None
For more information, log on to filmdevcouncilph.org