Do you HeArt Makati?

Friday, June 25, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

Makati celebrated independence day with a I HeArt Makati photo contests that aims to remind today’s urbanites of Makati business district’s rich history. The first contest focused on how Makati looked today and the second contest focused on vintage photos of Makati. It was definitely a blast from the past looking at the old photos. I'm glad I took part on the on-the-spot photo contest even if I didn't get to win

The Quad, The first Cineplex in the Philippines now Ayala Center

Remember this? I distinctly remember going to Quad's amusement area back when I was a kid.

Forbes Park, 1949

Ayala Ave, late 1960's

It wasn't easy taking good pictures of Makati on such as hot day. I had a difficult time looking of a good subject and a good story for my entry. Truth is I don't like taking landscape photos that much. I ended up submitting these 3 photos

Salcedo Market

Paseo de Roxas - If only this was how the traffic was everyday

Colorful Clown in Ayala Triangle Gardens