Cocktales at SM Mega

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

There is a fairly new dessert place in SM Megamall a few bloggers got to try a couple of weeks ago called Cocktales. The food reminded me of the dessert place I had in Hong Kong last month. I couldn't help comparing the quality and taste of the dessert and drinks selections.

For starters, we ordered some drinks.

Peach Mango Smoothie - P150

Just look at how the Peach Mango Smoothie is towers over the Watermelon Mojito. And take note, this is a regular sized drink. The consistency is very thick like that of "Gina" (my favorite mango drink) and the sweetness level is just right. The peach has a more profound flavor than the mango which is fine with me since I love peach!

Sour Grapes - P150

Mel had the Sour Grapes which was as large as the Peach Mango Smoothie. It tastes a lot like Delifrance's grape shake.

Russian Beef with Rice - P230

The Russian Beef sounded good in the menu so we ordered it. Although the beef was very tasty, I found the serving quite small especially after drinking from that enormous Mango Daquiri

Summer Coolers - P120

The Summer Coolers and Coconut Paradise are Cocktales' take on Pinoy's favorite dessert, the Halo-Halo

Manggo Bananarama- P180 (to share)

Combine mango, banana, tapioca balls & rice and you get the Manggo Bananarama. One thing that makes this dessert different with other fruit desserts of other restaurants are the rice balls. The rice balls used Cocktales are quite different from the ones I have tried in HK dessert places. It has the same consistency but it doesn't give you that rice taste. Put it this way, if I ate it blindfolded, I wouldn't have guessed it that it was rice balls. I told you I couldn't help comparing it to HK.

Large serving on the left and small serving on the right. Can you see the difference?

Autumn Breeze - P120 (single)

The Autumn Breeze was so-so. According to Mel, the sago expert, the black sago was undercooked. Her reason for saying so is that the core of the sago was a little bit hard when you bite into it. I don't know if you feel the same way about your sago, but if you do then you must understand what she means.

I would probably go back for their enormous shakes and desserts with rice balls. I think it would also be great if they allow customers to customize desserts to their own liking. I know a lot of people who are quite picky when it comes to fruits.

For more information on Cocktales, check out their Facebook or Multiply page.