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I don't know about you but when it comes to my electronic gadgets, I'm a clean freak. I always see to it that my electronic peripherals are spick-and-span. It isn't just about the cleanliness but also a preventive maintenance in a way. There are a lot of cleaning agents available out there. But one that stands out from the rest is VersaClean.

Want to Win a VersaClean for yourself? Read on...


VersaClean claims to be a high-tech cleaning compound that can catch dirt and kill bacteria. It’s a blob of yellow gooey material that looks like a clay. To use it, you just pat it down along those narrow hard to reach gaps of your electronic device. Gently pull it out and volia! Dust and particles are glued to your VersaClean. What's more incredible is that it can also kill bacteria. It's an amazing cleaning agent but unfortunately, it’s quite useless on stains. Check out Yugatech's review of this.

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VersaClean comes in 140 grams and sells at P249. It is available at Apex Hardware in 502 Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong, MC Home Depot, Fort and Ortigas.

Contest Mechanics:
  1. Log into your Facebook account and be a Fan of Boy-Kuripot and VersaClean
  2. Take a picture of the dirtiest electronic hardware you own that you plan to use VersaClean on
  3. On VersaClean's wall, write: "I'm joining @VersaClean and @Boy-Kuripot's Win some VersaClean photo contest. Here is my dirtiest electronic hardware I'd like to clean with VersaClean."
    • HOW TO TAG: Type in the "@" symbol then follow it with the word "VersaClean" This will prompt a drop-down menu box which will present you "VersaClean" Click that and you should see the "VersaClean" become a blue link. Do the same with "Boy-Kuripot"
    • NOTE: Copying and pasting the lines above will not create a tag so type the "@" manually. You cannot upload a photo and post a link at the same time so just leave the URL of this blog in the message of your wall post.
  4. Photos must not be digitally manipulated or altered
  5. All photo entries may be viewed in VersaClean's photo tab
  6. One entry per person ONLY
  7. Judging Criteria
    • 50% VersaClean will judge the dirtiest electronic hardware
    • 50% Number of Likes of your photo
  8. Winners will be informed via a personal message by a representative of VersaClean and will also be announced here
  9. Winners must be able to claim their prize in Metro Manila or shoulder the shipping cost if outside Metro Manila
Contest Period: April 30 - June 15, 2010

Contest Prize:

  • 10 Winners of a VersaClean 140 grams cleaning compound

  • FREE to do
  • Easy to do
  • 10 winners!
  • None
For more information, log on to or VersaClean Facebook page


Don't you guys ever clean you gadgets? Thank goodness you Won a jar of VersaClean. And to prevent another nasty buildup of dirt each winner will get a 20% discount on your next VersaClean transaction!

Congratulations to:
Lyn Usero, Helen Paler, Vangie Santos Sun, Maren Bana-ag, Lorenz Santiago, Pierre delos Santos, Willy VH, Miguel Astorga, Rusver... Amador and Stonibert Lim!

Please check your Facebook inbox of ho to claim your prize