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Share your photos and/or experiences this 2010 elections at Political Arena for a chance to Win a Flip Video Ultra. Join Political Arena's photo and/or blog promo by simply uploading a photo or/and a blog entry about the election be it a candidate, your personal voting experience or your thoughts about the elections. Winners for both photo and blog promo will be randomly chosen. Submit a maximum of 5 entries to increase your chances of winning.

Political Arena Promos

Promo Requirements:
  • Open to all, 18 years old and above
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Log on to politicalarena.com and sign up for an account
    • Photo Promo
      • Once registered, click "Photos" and then click "Submit Photo"
      • Photo Theme
        • A scene, whether during a campaign sortie, the election day or even an ordinary day, which for you best represents the 2010 elections.
        • A politician in action during the campaign season.
        • A national issue which needs to be addressed by the next president
      • Entry Guidelines
        • Original and owned by the sender. Plagiarism and copyright infringement are grounds for disqualification of the entry.
        • Submitted in the following formats: Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpeg), Portable Network Graphics (.png) and Graphics Interchange Format (.gif).
      • Write a brief description of your photo
      • Choose a candidate you want to associate your photo with (f none, click"My Photos") then click "submit"
    • Blogging Promo
      • Once registered, click "My Account" and then click "Edit Opinion"
      • Click "Post Opinion" and write your blog entry
      • Blog Theme - any topic that is related to the 2010 election. Example:
        • Candidate/s to vote for in the elections
        • Automation of elections (pre, during and post)
        • Youth's role in the 2010 elections
        • Experiences during the campaign period
        • Thoughts on the results after the elections
        • Change in the Philippines after the 2010 elections
      • Entry Guidelines
        • Original and unpublished, whether in print or online.
        • At least 200 words, in English or in Filipino.
        • Observant of copyright regulations (avoidance of plagiarism, citation of sources).
        • Free from vulgar, offensive, defamatory and accusatory statements without evidence.
        • Submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc), Open Office format (.odt), Rich Text format (.txt) or PDF format (.pdf)
      • Once completed, click "Published" then click "Submit" button
  2. Winners will be chosen at random via an electronic raffle
  3. View complete contest mechanics
Promo Period: April 21-May 14, 2010 (for both contests)

Promo Prize:

  • Photo Promo
    • Flip Video Ultra
  • Blogging Promo
    • Flip Video Ultra

  • Maximum of 5 entries per contestant
  • FREE to do
  • Only 1 prize per contest
For more information, log on to www.politicalarena.com