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In the depths of Mandaluyong lies a clandestine restaurant called The Frazzled Cook. Last Friday, a few bloggers were invited to try out their food and service. Before the food came, I roamed around the restaurant to get the feel of it. I saw a good variety of literary books on the shelves, cool lighting fixtures, and not one chair was the same. But what I found most interesting were the rows of golden lucky cats, usually seen at Chinese stores, waving their paws synchronously near the main door.

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Let the food be served...

Herbed Chicken Salad - P275
Homemade Iced Tea - P95/glass

Ahhh... The homemade Iced Tea was definitely refreshing. It's not your typical powdered iced tea that tastes like sugar. For the entire evening, I was able to slug down 3 glasses of this great stuff. The dressing on the Herbed Chicken Salad is simply superb. I just wished there were more greens in the salad.

Tenderloin and Sausage Pizza - P350
Pizza Caprese - P270

The Pizza Caprese is The Frazzled Cook's signature pizza. It's garnished with tomatoes, kesong puti, and basil. This was the first time I saw a pizza that was served with a garlic oil sauce. And if you are not a fan of garlic, don't worry. The garlic oil is really mild.

Paella Negra - P625
Seafood Paella - P550

See the difference? More like taste the difference! Both paella actually tastes very good. A large serving can be shared by 5-6 people. For me, I prefer the Paella Negra for its flavor, color, and just because it's fun to eat especially if you smile after a spoon or two.

Grilled Chicken Rosemary - P180
Sizzling Squid - P450
Tenderloin Nuggets with Mashed Potatoes on Flat Bread - P350

The Sizzling Squid had a curious taste. I couldn't seem to pinpoint the flavor. One bite was different with the next. Nonetheless, it was quite good. A crowd favorite was the Tenderloin Nuggets. The meat truly is tender and juicy. I just find it a tad to salty for my taste. I guess that's what the mashed potatoes and flat bread is for.

Pancake ala Mode - P180

I thought the Pancake was overkill for dessert. I guess I was wrong because I found myself scarfing down one spoonful after another. It found it very light and the sweetness is just right. It wasn't just any ordinary pancake.

The Frazzled Cook
916 Luna Mencias Street, Brgy Additional Hills
Mandaluyong, Philippines
Tel: 7825980
Open Tues - Sun from 11AM - 10:30PM

The Frazzled Cook is generous enough to sponsor this promotion. Follow the steps below to qualify to Win P1,000 worth of food items.

Promo Mechanics:
  1. Log into your Facebook account and be a Fan of and Boy-Kuripot and The Frazzled Cook
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  3. Your order should amount to no more than P1,000 inclusive of 10% service (don't forget to add 10% service charge to your total food bill)
  4. You may check the menu on The Frazzled Cook's Facebook Fan Page
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  7. One entry per person ONLY
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  9. The Frazzled Cook management will select 2 winners
  10. Judging Criteria will be based on the uniqueness of the message
  11. Prizes can be claimed within a week after the winners have been announced and contacted
  12. Winners will be informed on his/her Facebook profile page (I will send a Personal Message)
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NOTE: Follow all instructions carefully or your entries will be disqualified

Promo Period: March 31 - April 7, 2010

Promo Prize:

  • 2 winners will EACH get P1000 worth of food items at The Frazzled Cook

  • FREE to do
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Lot of great entries but there could only be 2 winners. And they are...

Eva Marie Mangaliman

WithP1000 GC from The Frazzled Cook , I will order FRAZZLED...
F – F lavorful and mouthwatering dishes
R – R easonably priced menu that will make you come back formore
A – A s a starter I would order Potato and basil chowder (P150)
Z – Z esty vegetable salad with honey mustard dressing (180)is included
Z – Z zzpicy shrimp p...asta in garlic and oil (P295) also
L – L uscious home madeicetea (P95) and pancake ala mode fordessert (P180)
E – E xciting name it has, the food is interesting, and a Homeyambiance
D – D ining experience will be worthwhile, because a lot ofheart is put into each masterpiece!

Theresa Chua Go

With P1000 GC from The Frazzled Cook I will order some asparagus soup with pecorino romano custard, the creamy soup will surely cleanse my palette w/c will make a good starter. I will then order some delectable spicy shrimp and melon salad, this will be served in a fancy cocktail glass, fresh, heathly and definitely c...lassy. For my main course, I will order some tenderloin nuggets with mashed potatoes in flat bread, it has perfect proportions of protein and carbs, making it very good for my diet. And finally, wash is with some hawaian punch. Frazzled cook dishes has a great choice of meals which complements the major food groups, making them healthy, hearty and definitely yummy.

For the winners, please check your Facebook inbox on how to claim your prize.