Veet Catch and Shoot Barbara

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

Before you head off to work, be sure to arm yourself with a camera and keep a sharp eye out for this ghostly woman named Barbara! If you are luck enough to catch a glimpse of her, take a paparazzi shot of her and upload your photo to the Veet Catch and Shoot Barbara Promo website. Ask your friends to vote for your photo and Win a MacBook Pro, iPhone 3GS, PSP Slim, iPod Touch, Polaroid PoGo, iPod Nano Cam and more.

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Promo Requirements:
  • Open to all Philippine residents
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Keep an eye out for Barbara around the metro and take a picture of her
  2. Log-on to Veet Catch and Shoot Barbara Promo website to upload the photo
  3. You may submit more than one entry per sighting but each entry must have a different picture
  4. Photos must be in JPEG format and must not exceed 2MB
  5. Use the "Share" button to share the link and invite your friends to vote for your picture
  6. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period: March 4, 2010 to April 5, 2010

Draw Cut-off for entries and voting Draw Date Announcement of Winners
Weekly Draw 1 March 13 March 15 March 17
Weekly Draw 2 March 20 March 22 March 24
Weekly Draw 3 March 28 March 30 April 5
Weekly Draw 4 April 3 April 5 April 10
Grand Draw April 5 April 8 April 10

Promo Prize:
  • Grand Draw
    • 1st Prize - MacBook Pro
    • 2nd Prize - iPhone 3GS
    • 3rd Prize - PSP Slim
    • Consolation - iPod Touch
  • Weekly Draws
    • 1st Prize - Polaroid PoGo
    • 2nd Prize - iPod Nano Cam
  • Special Prizes - Top 5 highest rated pics per week
    • P1,000 worth of GCs

  • FREE to do
  • All prizes are tax-FREE
  • Highest rated pictures are still eligible for the weekly draw or grand draw
  • Only 3 entries for this week as of writing this post
  • None
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