Gawad Panitikang Pangkalusugan

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Gawad Panitikang Pangkalusugan is a nationwide children storybook writing competition with Health as the main theme. The contest aims to enlighten Filipino children aged five (5) to ten (10) years old with issues regarding health. There will be 7 winners for each of the 7 categories. Winners will take home P25,000 CASH, a medal and an opportunity to have their work in a 7-volume storybook series full-color picture book.

Contest Requirements:
  • Open to all individuals aged 18 and above and currently residing in the Philippines
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Theme: “Tabi-tabi po”: Exploring Philippine Health Myths
  2. 7 Categories
    • Lungs (i.e. TB, Pneumonia, cough, colds)
    • Stomach (i.e. diarrhea, intestinal worms/”bulate”)
    • Skin/Bones (i.e. wounds, lice, warts, scabies, fracture/“pilay”)
    • Brain/Behavior (i.e. epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, child development)
    • Fever
    • Vaccination
    • Nutrition (i.e. childhood obesity/”malusog” vs “mataba”, food supplements)
  3. Entry Guidelines
    • All writing methods allowed: literary forms (prose or poetry), genres (i.e. comedy, horror, science fiction, fantasy)
    • Story should cater to audiences ages 5-10 years of age and can be easily relayed to them by poorly literate adults
    • Five hundred (500) words max
    • Written in English, for eventual translation into Filipino
    • Stories must be able to sustain a 24-page picture book
    • Typewritten or a computer print-out in black ink on white paper
    • Double-spaced on 81/2 x 11 inches bond paper (letter-sized) with one-inch margins on all sides
    • Arial or Times New Roman, with font size 12
  4. Place 5 copies of the story in an envelope, on the face of which only the pen name of the contestant should appear
  5. Send entries via snail mail to P.O. Box 608, Philippine Postal Corporation, CPO Manila, Philippines, 1099
  6. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: Submission Deadline - May 15, 2010

Contest Prize:

  • One winner per category (7 winners) will EACH receive
    • P25,000 CASH
    • A medal
    • An opportunity to be published as a full-color picture book in a 7-volume storybook series. Published books will be donated to Klase sa Kariton* and other beneficiaries.

  • CASH prizes
  • No entry fee
  • Maximum of 500 words
  • No online submission
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