Colgate's Fresh-U Project

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

Back in college, we used to have at least 1 project/activity per term that is geared towards helping a community. It was difficult to ask for sponsorships from companies. Those companies who does sponsor our activity more often than not give us barely enough budget to work with. But with Colgate's Fresh-U Project 4 students organizations/groups are given a chance to execute their projects with a P50,000 grant.

Contest Requirements:
  • Philippine Student organizations/Student groups
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Log on and download application form
  2. Create a 3-5 minute video explaining your project
    • It should answer "With P50,000, what can you do to make a difference?"
    • It should benefit the local community or public school near the applicant's home university
  3. Video Guidelines:
    • File formats *.mp4, *.flv, *.mpeg, *.wmv, *.avi
    • File name should include your school and group name. (Example: ADMU_MaroonArchers.avi)
  4. Send application forms and videos via email at or save the video file on CD and submit together with the accomplished application form in a brown envelope to your university student council.
  5. Judging Criteria:
    • 30% Uniqueness of idea
    • 30% Social relevance
    • 30% Impact on intended beneficiary
  6. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: Submission Deadline - April 17, 2010

Contest Prize:

  • 4 student organization will receive a grant of P50,000 EACH

  • FREE to do
  • Online submission
  • You help your community
  • None
For more information, log on to