Cantonese Soup Kitchen

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The Cantonese Soup Kitchen reminded me of my grandma's cooking. She always made a Sibot soup for us to drink at least once a week. Sibut is a kind of soup made from Goji Berries that has medicinal benefits. At first I hated the Sibot because of it's pungent smell and bitter taste. But after a few years, I got to appreciate it.

There were some very interesting dishes that were served in this small humble restaurant. After all the years of dining at different selection of Chinese restaurants around the Metro, I thought I tasted it all. Boy was I wrong! The Cantonese Soup Kitchen is definitely a Chinese dining experience I won't forget.

Sibot with Duck Soup - P195
Special CSK Soup - P220
Chicken with Wintermelon & Ham Soup - P165

My grandma always reminded us to start your a meal with a warm bowl of soup to get our stomach going. I must say that I agree with her.

Don't you worry if you aren't a fan of herbs and bitter taste, the Sibot with Duck Soup isn't as pungent as the one my grandma used to make us. You will actually find mild and soothing. If at first you don't find the appealing, take another sip. I promise you that you will grow to love it as you drink more.

Not a fan of that herb flavor? Then try the Special CSK Soup or Chicken with Wintermelon & Ham Soup. These 2 soups are suited for any Filipino taste buds.

Just a bit of warning, some of the soups are good for sharing so you better ask the waiter.

Floral Bloom tea - P59

Lauren of ordered this fancy looking tea which blooms right in front of you. It starts off as a ball, then the waiter pours boiling water into the glass. After a few minutes, the ball opens up revealing a red flower that floats upright. Now isn't that cool? That's the first time I saw a tea like that.

Yang Chow Fried Rice - P170
Crispy Spring Rolls - P65
Sliced Beef Kenchi - P240

The Sliced Beef Kenchi is very savory. It is has a distinguishable flavor that I find very appealing. This is probably one of the best beef kenchi I have ever tasted. The Yang Chow Fried Rice was a bit disappointing. It was hard and dry. Either they overcooked it or the rice is already old.

Steamed Fish Fillet with Japanese Tofu - P230
Spinach with 2 Kinds Egg in Hotpot - P200
Garlic Burst Spareribs - P190

Those not a fan of century egg may have a change of heart once they have a nibble on the Spinach Hotpot. The flavor of the century egg is brought down a notch since it is diluted in water. But if you want to be on the safe side, order the Garlic Burst Spareribs. You can't go wrong with a dish that offers tender meat and mouth watering seasoning.

Satay Seafood Sotanghon in Hotpot - P250
Hot Shrimp Salad - P250

Satisfy you craving for something spicy with the Satay Seafood Sotanghon in Hotpot. Even if I have low tolerance for hot dishes, I found this quite enjoyable. On the other hand, if you have an incling for something on the sweet side, you can't go wrong with the Hot Shrimp Salad.

Almond Fish Gelatin - P80
Mango Pudding - P65

Black & White Gulaman - P60

There is nothing better that a dessert that slosh around inside your mouth. The dessert that took my taste buds away is the Mango Pudding. Visually appealing and tastefully satisfying, this is a good way of ending your meal.

The Cantonese Soup Kitchen
Unit C-847 Banawe cor. Linaw St., Quezon City