Bungee Fun & Uncle Cheffy

Thursday, March 04, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

A few weeks ago, a couple of bloggers and I had the chance to go and try Bungee Fun at Eastwood City for FREE. For P120 you get to bounce up and down for 3 minutes. It's not the typical bungee you know where you jump off an elevated platform. Instead, you get strapped with harness that is attached to bungee cords. A machine then pulls the bungee chord attached to your body as you go jump up and down on a trampoline. The Bungee Fun is at the Eastwood City Walk in front of Jack’s Loft. Watch me attempt a somersault!

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ViewMore FromRelated VideosCommentsShareSendFavoriteTwitterFacebook

Special thanks to Jonel of Letsgosago for shooting the video

After having our stomach tuned inside out, not literally of course, we headed over to Uncle Cheffy for dinner. Uncle Cheffy is operated by same owners who gave you Old Vine and Kuse. I was excited to try the Brick-Oven Panizza which was their specialty. We got to try 3 out of 6 available kinds of Panizza.

All Meat Bbq Panizza - P450
Uncle Cheffy Favorites Panizza - P395
Seafood Lovers Panizza - P425

A Panizza is basically a square shaped pizza cut diagonally that you roll like a tortilla. Each Panizza is served with salsa and some salad greens. Add some arugula to your Panizza to make it the flavor more interesting. My favorite from all the 3 was the Seafood Lovers Panizza. (smack)

Aside from the Panizza, most of their dishes were quite similar to Old Vine and Kuse. However, there were some dishes that stood out from the rest.

Four Seasons - P160

Try out their Four Seasons, it's really delicious. You could tell they use fresh fruits just by the taste. I even got some mango bits in my mouth as I sipped through the straw.

Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon - P95 per 100 grams

At first I thought it was beef under the Pork Belly. But as I checked the menu, it turns out to be radish relish. The saltiness of the radish really contrasts well with the flavor of the Pork Belly. Each bite is mouth watering.

Chocolate Parfait - P95
Panacotta with Ube Vichysoisse - P110
Chocolate Roulade - P135

I loved all the desserts. Not to sweet and not to milky. All very simple and enjoyable. If you were to pick one, go with the Panacotta with Ube Vichysoisse.

For more information on Uncle Cheffy, check out their Facbook Fan page