Bigoli, the Fazoli's clone

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

I got to try Bigoli at SM North Edsa Annex A a couple of weeks ago with my fellow bloggers. The first thing we noticed is the distinguishable similarities between Bigoli and Fazoli's. Like Fazoli's, Bigoli has a pizza and pasta menu, unlimited garlic breadsticks, and bottomless soda. Perfect for kuripot citizens like you and me!

Now if only I could remember how I Fazoli's tasted, I would compare the quality of food between the 2 restaurants. It has been more than a year when I last ate at Fazoli so I'm probably not in the right state to make a fair judgment.

Stromboli - P120(8pcs)
Italian Chicken - P234(4pcs) P345(6pcs) P500(10pcs)

The stromboli is shaped like a cinnamon roll that is stuffed with cheese and your choice of beef or bacon. I'm not sure what the dip is but it doesn't help with uplifting the flavor. I'd probably pass on this one the next time I visit Bigoli. For the Italian chicken, I found the marinade OK. It's not as saucy as I hoped it would be but the tenderness of the chicken made up for it.

Spaghetti Al Pesto - P90(small) P130(large)
Fettuccine Carbonara P100(small) P140(large)
Chicken Pasta Bigoli - P80(small) P115(large)
Meltique Beef Pasta Bigoli - P125

Out of all the spaghetti that was served, I liked the Meltique Beef Pasta Bigoli best. The beef was tender and delicious. The sauce and ingredients compliments the beef and pasta. I believe Fazoli's don't have this kind of pasta on their menu. One point for Bigoli!

Lasagna - P180

Similar to Garfield, my favorite pasta of all time is Lasagna! When I see one, I just gobble it down. But before I do start scarfing it down, I make an assessment out of the very first bite. I'm quite hard to please when it comes to my favorite food. For this Lazagna, I rate it 7.5 out of 10.

Pepperoni Classico - P570(whole) P75(slice)

14 inch in diameter, the Pepperoni Classico is not to salty like that of Shakey's. Pepperoni spacing is not equally proportioned so too bad for those who get the slice with the least peperoni.

Tre Latte - P55
Turtle Cheesecake - P80
Bigoli's Tiramisu - P55

I couldn't seem to find the essence of cheese in the Turtle Cheesecake. Instead, it just tasted creamy and buttery. If you want to go ahead and get dessert, I suggest you order Tre Latte. Although it looks simple, it tastes great.

Would I have a second serving at Bigoli? Probably. I would like to try their other dishes as well.