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Still wondering where to dine this Valentine's day? Well, a few bloggers and myself were invited to a pre-Valentine dinner at Venize Piazza at McKinley Hill. We were served a smorgasbord of dishes from 2 restaurants - Old Vine and Kuse(pronounced as Kusinero). Old Vine offers Mediterranean inspired recipes while Kuse serves Filipino dishes. Since the two food establishments are right beside each other, we just remained at Old Vine and waited for the dishes to come to us. Scrumptious food accompanied by great friends made this night a memorable one.

Read on and Win yourself one of two P500 GCs from Old Vine and/or Kuse. Total of 4 winners

Old Vine interior

We started off with some appetizers...

Left to right: Tessie Tomas Salad* - P295(small) P595(regular)
Seared Tuna Tataki* - P220(small) P410(regular)
Paco Salad Sa Laguna** - P165

I liked both salads. You could tell that the vegetables were fresh by the colors and the texture once you bite into it. The Tessie Tomas Salad is an ocean of flavors of roasted prawns, marinated salmon, grilled shiitake mushroom, drizzled with a creamy balsamic dressing. The Seared Tuna Tataki is very flavorful. Even without the soy sauce, it can stand on its own.

Batangas Bulalo Soup** - P495
Garlic Dulong Rice** – P95

The Batangas Bulalo Soup was superb. The beef was very tender while the soup tasted that true beef flavor I love. They probably didn't use any MSG in this soup because I never got a wee bit thirsty after slurping down 2 bowls.

Fried Pla Pla w/ Burong Mustasa** – P295
Sinugba Pork Liempo** - P295
BBQ Beef Back Ribs Adobado** - P495

I was very curious about the Burong Mustasa of the Fried Pla Pla. It was the first time I tasted it. To be honest, I didn't like it. It tasted a bit like bagoong but minus the sweetness. I guess it is an acquired taste I could eventually get to appreciate. The BBQ Beef Ribs has an outstanding flavor. The meat falls off the bone just the way it should be. I haven't had Beef Ribs this good for quite some time.

Salmon Carpaccio* – P230(small) P420(regular)
Baked Cream Dory* - P350

The house-cured Salmon Carpaccio is a simple dish that is seasoned with a simple lemon raspberry viniagrette. The acidity of this dish brings out the best of flavor in salmon.

Chefs Quarter Steak* - P420(small) P574(regular)

Poele Lamb Spareribs* - P395

I'm a BIG fan of lamb. Grilled, skewered, stewed, you name it, I tried them all. That is until I took a bite out of Poele Lamb Spareribs. My verdict - insanely good! The sauce is currylicious and the meat is tender. I could tell that this was cooked properly. For those unlike me who don't like that Lamb aftertaste, go ahead and order this dish.

Off to desserts!

CQ Surprise*
Banana Lanka Crepe Samurai*
Sapin Sapin Creme Brulee** - P110

End your meal with a selection of exquisite desserts each with its own Filipino twist.

Chocolate Gooey Fudge* – P150

If you like thick sweet chewy chocolate getting stuck on the roof of your mouth and in between your teeth then make the Chocolate Gooey Fudge your dessert.

Meet the bloggers

*Old Vine dishes
**Kuse dishes

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  9. Prize can be claimed at any of the branches of Old Vine or Kuse
  10. Winner will be informed on his/her Facebook profile page (I will send a Personal Message)
  11. Winners will also be announced here in this post along with the screenshot of the draw
Promo Period: Feb 11 - 18, 2010

Promo Prize:
  • Old Vine
    • 2 winners will EACH get a P500 GC from Old Vine consumable ONLY at Venice Piazza mall
  • Kuse
    • 2 winners will EACH get a P500 GC from Kuse consumable ONLY at Venice Piazza mall
For more information on these restaurants, log on to their Facebook Fan Pages - Old Vine / KUSE


Old Vine winners - Suzanne Delos Santos and Theresa Chua Go

Kuse winners - Mia Navarro and Joy Mesina-Bahia

Congrats to the winners. Please check your Facebook inbox on how to claim your GCs