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It was a beautiful Saturday morning when a couple of bloggers, including myself, congregated to eat brunch at Ya Kun Kaya Ortigas branch. Inside the coffee shop, the aroma of tea, coffee, egg and toast invigorated our senses as well as our appetite. Looking at other people enjoying their beverages and toasts made us even more eager to try the food.

Read on and Win Drinks from Ya Kun Kaya

The history of this restaurant is quite interesting. It started off as a simple coffee stall and made its way into one of Singapore's most popular coffee shops. It's just amazing how a small business could grow so big over time.

You should watch how they brew their coffee and tea. It looks so artful! They start by pouring hot water from one metal pitcher with a long nozzle into another identical metal pitcher that has a fine filter netting inside containing the coffee ground or tea leaves. The process is repeated several times to extract the coffee/tea flavor. This traditional way of brewing coffee is called tarik (pulling).

Finally, the food arrived

Yin Yang Coffee - P60

Available in both hot and cold, the Ying Yang Coffee is a combination of coffee and tea with condensed milk. Now that's a well balanced drink.
French Toast with Kaya - P60

All their bread are toasted just right. It's not too crunchy that it will scratch the roof of your mouth.

Most breads are accompanied by the sweet Kaya jam. It's a concoction of coconut milk, eggs and sugar. The sweetness of the jam is complimentary to the saltiness of the butter or cheese and the bread acts as the balance between the two flavors.
Cheezy French Toast with Kaya - P75

For people who like their bread a bit soggy and moist, this is perfect for you. I found this extremely mouthwatering.

Milo Toast - P60

The Milo Toast is made with toasted bread covered in Milo powder and drizzled with condensed milk. Hot chocolate drink is also available if you are feeling a bit choco loco.
Butter Sugar Toast - P45 (1 slice) P75 (2 slice)

For those crave for sweets, the butter sugar toast will satisfy your urge. Sugar granules adds to the crunchyness of the toast.

Peanut Butter Toast - P45 (1 slice) P75 (2 slice)

2pcs. Soft-Boiled Egg - P40

The soft-bolied egg has the consistency of a taho. One slight pinch and out comes the colorful yolk. I added a drop too many of the original Singapore soy sauce on top of the egg which made it a bit salty for my taste.

Now here how to win...

Promo Mechanics:
  1. Be a Facebook Fan of Ya Kun Kaya Ortigas and Boy Kuripot
  2. Complete this sentence: "@Ya Kun Kaya brew their coffee/tea in a traditional way called _____" Make sure you tag Ya Kun Kaya Facebook page. HOW TO TAG: Type in the "@" symbol then follow it with the word "Ya Kun" This will prompt a drop-down menu box which will present you "Ya Kun Kaya" Click that and you should see the "Ya Kun Kaya" become a blue link. Copying and pasting the lines above will not create a tag so type the "@" manually.
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  5. One entry per person ONLY
  6. To check if your entry is valid, you should be able to see your message post on the Fan page wall of Ya Kun Kaya
  7. 5 people who gave the right answer will be chosen electronically using
  8. Prize can be claimed at Ya Kun Kaya Ortigas branch
  9. Winners will be informed on his/her Facebook profile page (I will send a Personal Message)
  10. Winners will also be announced here in this post along with the screenshot of the draw
Promo Period: February 18 - 25, 2010

Promo Prize:
  • Five (5) winners will EACH get a drink of their choice valid only at Ya Kun Kaya Ortigas branch

Thank you to everyone that joined! Congrats to the following winners of a drink of choice at Ya Kun Kaya:
  1. Joan Joaquin
  2. Amorre Roque
  3. Don Covar
  4. Michelle Aleli R. Villestas
  5. Florencio Jusay Jr.
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Please check your Facebook inbox for instructions on how to claim your prize. Enjoy your drinks guys and do try out their toast and egg!