Let's Win at Fizzer

Saturday, February 06, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

UPDATE: It seems that I only had 85 successful referrals which puts us in 8th place. Although we didn't win, I must admit I had fun watching the numbers go up. Thanks for those who participated.

There is a new local social networking site that is giving away cool gadgets to 5 registered members that has the most number of invites/referrals. Prizes at stake are Apple MacBook 13", Sony PS3, HP mini, PSP Slim 3000 or iPod Nano respectively. Getting a large number of people to sign up is difficult to do. So to make it easier for you guys, I am raffling off whatever prize I will be winning (if any) to those who sign up under my referral link. Now all you need to win a prize if register under my link! Let's aim for that Apple MacBook!


Promo Requirement:
  • Open to Filipino living in the Philippines. No minimum age requirement
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Sign up for an account at Fizzer under my referral link.
  2. Check your email to confirm your Fizzer account registration
  3. Once registered, sign in and upload a photo of yourself on your photo gallery
  4. dd your school to your profile (by this time, you should have at least completed 40% of you profile information)
  5. Add me up, Jeffrey Siy, as a friend and post a shoutout on my guestbook saying you completed all the requirements (My profile pic is the Boy Kuripot logo)
  6. I will raffle off whatever prize I will win in Fizzer using Random.org (To be fair to you guys, I will exclude myself and my relatives in the raffle draw)
  7. Only those who completed all the requirements above will be eligible for the raffle
  8. Note that you need to have registered under my referral link to be eligible. So you need to be a new member of Fizzer to join this raffle
  9. I will announce the winner here in this post and notify the winner through his/her Fizzer account
  10. The winner can claim the prize at Tiendesitas or Fort Bonifacio at weeknights or weekends. I can also send the prize using the preferred courier of the winner. The winner will have to pay for the expense of the courier service by depositing the delivery cost into my bank account
Promo Period: Until Feb. 14, 2010

Promo Prize:

  • Possible Prizes depending on Boy Kuripot's referral ranking
    • 1st prize - Apple Macbook 13”
    • 2nd prize - Sony PS3
    • 3rd prize - HP Mini
    • 4th prize - Sony PSP Slim 3000
    • 5th prize - Apple iPod Nano

  • As of writing this post, the #1 most number of referral ONLY has 153 referrals
  • Easy to do. This will take you no more than 10mins
  • None