2010 World War II True Stories

Friday, February 12, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

High School teachers should make the 2010 World War II True Stories contest as an assignment to their students. The contest aims to collect true accounts of Filipinos, both veterans and civilians, who survived WWII by interviewing them. Besides having a deeper understanding about the WWII era, students will have the opportunity to practice their narrative skills. 3 best narratives will be given prizes consisting of a PVB saving account and various computer equipment. That will probably get your students motivated.


Contest Requirements:
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Interview a WWII veteran or any person alive during WWII about his/her experiences during war era
  2. Write a narrative in English that tells in a maximum of 2,000 words the interviewee's story, including important details and quotes from the interview
  3. Submit your stories online (NOT explicitly stated in the mechanics that you may upload you entries online so call them up to verify)
  4. Or obtain an entry form found in Inquirer's Learning section or in Inquirer's Libre once a week until March 2010. Attach coupon entry by gluing it on a sheet of paper that will serve as the cover page and submit to any Philippine Veterans Bank branch nationwide.
  5. Previously submitted stories shall not qualify as entries
  6. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: March 16, 2010 (4PM)

Contest Prize:

  • FREE to do
  • Kids learn about history
  • CASH prizes
  • Online submission?
  • None
For more information, log on to misc3.inquirer.net/veteransbank and veteransbank.com.ph/news2010_6.html or call Mike Villa-Real at Tel: 902-1670, Email: mcvillareal@veteransbank.com.ph