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Monday, January 04, 2010 Unknown 0 Comments

Michael Paul & Jennifer, one of the 4 finalists of the Ultimate Thailand Explorers, are 4 days away from the finish line and they need your votes to be the top team! Right now, they are lagging behind about 3,000 votes from team Thailand. If all of us vote for them in the succeeding days, they have a chance at winning. Let your votes be your gift to Michael who celebrated his birthday last January 2.
Remember, two lucky voters will get a chance to win a $2,500 Thailand tour package and an HTC cellphone. And in the event that Michael Paul & Jennifer wins in this competition, they promise to donate a $900 kariton ( learning cart) for CNN hero Ef Penaflorida’s Dynamic Teen Company. How selfless of them!

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Jennifer's Email:

Michael and I flew to Thailand last December 8 to 17 for the physical part of the competition. The whole trip was one of a kind: we were able to see, feel, taste, and experience the best of Koh Samui in less than a week. It's such a charming island!

We both were able to do things we normally wouldn't dare attempt: get a massage from an elephant, feed crocodiles, bungee jump! (Michael screamed like a pig being slaughtered on the way down! hahaha).

Despite having slept only about 2-4 hours a day, we were on the go and enthusiastic each day by God's grace: diving to attractions, swimming, meeting the local folks, island hopping, while shooting videos and photos for the blog. It was a one-couple crew =) We noticed that our eye bags were getting bigger by the hour in our pictures!

At night and until the wee hours of the morning we were updating our blogs with stories, videos and photos. Talagang pinatrabaho kami roon. :) After the actual trip, they surprised by us asking us to do a video presentation for the farewell party! Whoah! A fellow competitor said he hadn't lost this much sleep since his university days. This was worse than cramming for a project or an exam, hahaha. But It's an experience we'll treasure forever.

We tried our best to represent our country well. We were touched because the sponsors liked our blog entry about their company and some of the Thai liaison officers of the other competing teams are voting for us! :)

Do check out our blog here:

We're still updating it everyday! :) We haven't really had time to go out and enjoy the season because we're editing pictures and videos to this day. :)

As of this time, we are in 3rd place and trailing by 900 votes. Three days ago, we were trailing by 2,500! We are overwhelmed by the support. We're not stopping our campaign until Jan. 8, the last day of voting. We want everyone to give the Philippines an overwhelming win in this competition. We committed to sponsor a $900 Definitely Filipino Kariton School for Efren Penaflorida's Dynamic Teen company when we win, our way of giving back to the country and our supporters.

Voting can be done daily, once every 24 hours. We are hoping that you can continue to help us in this.

Thanks so much! :) God bless!


Jenny Caspe
Let's help our kababayans be the 1st Ultimate Thailand Explorers. They deserve to win!