Friendster Facelift

Monday, December 07, 2009 Unknown 0 Comments

Have logged on to your Friendster account lately? Friendster just had a major facelift which they unveiled last Friday afternoon, December 4. They changed the entirety of the website based on results of the study they conducted of Friendster users. Now, let's see what Friendster has to offer.

Home Page

The first thing to notice once you log-in is the new hip and modern green logo and web design template. It's refreshing to look at and more appealing compared to the old Friendster logo.

Profile Page

Friendster now has 2 individual Home and Profile page similar to that of Facebook. The Home page centers an Activity Stream where you can view updates from your friends. Located just above that stream is the Shoutout text box that should appear on you Profile page. Updates are on the left column while Birthday alerts and Bulletin are on the right. On the Profile page, you may access your Friends, Photos, Groups, Fan Pages and Comments/Testimonials.

Gift Shop

Send your Friends gifts with Friendster's Gift Shop using your Friendster Wallet. Purchase Coins and Chips on your Friendster Wallet via Prepaid cards, Bank transfers and Credit Card. Register for a Wallet now and you can get 1,500 chips absolutely FREE.

Overall, the new Friendster interface looks great. It has less clutter and friendly navigation. They also addressed a few problems that made people abandon Friendster. One of which is spam comments! Some users abuse Friendster's feature of leaving comments to any profile (same with multiply). The result - unsolicited and pornographic materials on the comments section. To permit comments to just your friends, head on to the Settings page and click the account tab. This should have been the default setting don't you think?

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