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Monday, November 30, 2009 Unknown 10 Comments

A couple of days ago, I received a package by LBC. I looked at the name of the sender and was I surprised. It was from Michael Paul and Jennifer Caspe-Cocuaco! If you remember, they were the couple I promoted for the Ultimate Thailand Explorers contest which by the way, they WON! While waiting to be sent to Thailand to blog about Amazing Thailand, they both registered for the Southeast Asian Youth for Change Summit in Kuala Lumpur which I had placed an ad unit on this blog. Luck must have been on their side since BOTH of them got chosen to be participants of the grandeur event! They were thoughtful enough to send me a chessboard set and a box of Ferrero Rocher - my favorite chocolate. They planned to get Garry Kasparov, the youngest ever World Chess Champion, to sign the chessboard for me. Unfortunately, they were blocked by his personal body guards. But to me, it's the thought that counts. Thanks for the gifts Michael and Jennifer!

Quick Update on Michael & Jennifer's status:

Imagine getting a luxurious massage in Thailand, Asia's spa capital of the world. After the relaxing treatment, you enjoy an ice-cold drink by the infinity pool. Then, your phone rings and you check your brand new HTC Android phone.

Perfect isn't it?

Vote for Pinoys Michael and Jennifer for the Ultimate Thailand Explorers and make this dream a reality for you! Michael and Jenny are the only Filipinos and Asians to have made it to the finals of this worldwide competition. They are competing against 3 US and 1 French teams. Your vote will determine if they will be the Ultimate Thailand Explorers!

By voting for Michael and Jenny EVERYDAY (once a day every 24 hours) from Dec. 1 to Jan. 8, you also increase your chance of winning a $2,500 luxurious Thailand tour package and a high-tech HTC Android phone. These prizes will be given by the Thailand Authority of Tourism to two lucky voters.

Log on, register and vote here:
Click the "VOTE FOR THEM" tab on top of the page. Register your details and wait for the confirmation email. Then, click the confirmation link in the email and vote!

Make it happen for you! Make it happen for the Philippines!

For those who want to show their appreciation towards this blog, a simple comment on my Fit 'n Right blog post will suffice. I'm one of 10 bloggers who can take home a hefty CASH prize. If ever I do win, I think I will use the prize to revamp Boy-Kuripot.


Renz said...

Wow! Nice gratitude!

Denise22 said...

It is really nice to thank someone who gave you and open you a lot of great opportunities, "good karma" always follow. More power!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Michael and Jennifer! Thanks for your appreciation to Boy Kuripot =0 This blog is really a platform of opportunities ans simple joys.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say thanks to you too boy kuripot :) Im your avid fan since I discovered your site...

I have joined a lot of contest and luckily got one in Ovi photo challenge
and one from Style Bible promo !

God Bless and more power !

congratz jen & mike !

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I visit it everyday! :)
Keep em coming. Hopefully soon i'll be able to share my blessing to you as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy Kuripot.. kuripot ka ba talaga? I'm your avid fan.. I have joined lot of contest thru ur site and luckily wala pa rin panalo hehehe ... anyways I hope maka date kita =)dyan ako Panalo! (lol!)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm may secret admirer si boy kuripot ! :)

lloydb said...

Sir kuri,

i just read your manila bulletin interview ah. hehe

nice! congrats! =)

more freebies to come! =)


Thanks for the update, Jeff! :) We sent press releases last week, syempre you're part of the story. We put your blog URL there. :) It's gonna come out soon in Manila Bulletin. ;) It also came out in Good News Pilipinas (

God bless!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your support guys. Here is to winning more prizes in the future!