Modu Phone Video Contest

Saturday, November 21, 2009 Unknown 0 Comments

Weighing in less than than 50 grams, the Modu phone is the world’s lightest phone. Probably the best feature of the Modu phone is its capability to outfit itself into many different stylish jackets that carry a specific functionality. Globe is giving away 10 of these awesome phones through their Modu Phone Video Contest. Enter by creating a 3 minute video explaining what you would do with a Modu phone.

Contest Mechanics:
  1. Create a 3 minute video of what you would do with a Modu phone
  2. Upload your video on YouTube
  3. Log on to the Modu Phone Promo page and paste the link of your YouTube video along with your contact details
  4. Judging Criteria
    • 40% Diversity of ideas on what you will do with your own Modu
    • 35% Creativity in presentation
    • 35% Number of Facebook friends who will upload your video by December 25, 2009 (Is there a way they can monitor this?)
  5. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: Submission Deadline is on December 25, 2009 EXTENDED January 31, 2010

Contest Prize:
  • Ten winners of a brand-new Modu phone, complete with two Modu jackets

  • FREE to do
  • Online submission
  • Only 1 entry as of writing this post
  • None
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