Ondoy Donation of Relief Goods

Sunday, September 27, 2009 Unknown 1 Comments

Unlike what we have been seeing on the news, some of us were lucky enough to be spared by Ondoy. So instead of sitting around doing nothing about it, why don't you open your closet or kitchen cabinet and sift through your those things that you don't need or want. Then tomorrow, go to the nearest place where you can leave your donations. Below, you will find some links of places where you can leave your donations. My brother also wrote a couple of tips for sorting your donations.

Places to donate relief goods:
Still waiting to be sorted and boxed

Tips for sorting your Donations:
  • If you have not worn a piece of clothing for 6 months or 1 year, consider donating
  • If you do not have a box, tie up fold your clothes for donation and tie it up instead for easy transfer and storage
  • Label your pile/box with size and gender (ie. Male-Large/XL)
  • Select your preferred receiving party who will distribute/allocate your blessings

Other important links:


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