FREE P250 FlapJacks GC

Friday, September 18, 2009 jeffrey siy 11 Comments

FlapJacks is giving away P250 GCs absolutely FREE. To claim, simply log on to and join their mailing list by filling in your personal information. Right after you press the "Join" button, you will instantly receive an mobile SMS of you GC. I just got mine a couple of minutes ago. No word on how long this FREEBIE will last so better do it NOW. Special thanks goes to ChefTonio for informing me of this great promotion.

And here are a couple more FREE Stuff you might have missed: Reg. & Get a FREE Post-it sampler pack; Pledge & Get a FREE cup of NESTLÉ Fruit Selection Yogurt. I placed those links under the "FREE ONLINE PROMOS" column.


I did this morning; got the SMS too. I want to try agad to test if the branches would be able to handle this na. :)

Oo nga pag pumalpak yan BAD PR for them

Chef Tonio said...

bro, ako mismo walang SMS nakuha. meron pala dapat? haha

rd said...

tnx boy kuripot /chef tonio! Try ko nga to, sayang kung hindi ma-claim, hehe...

rd said...

i asked flapjacks about their promo coz it really sounds too good to be true. The txt msg serves as the 250 gc, and 1 use per table.

The bad news is one of the staff said "although there is nothing mentioned of a minimum spending to use the 250 gc, marketing wants the user to spend 750 pesos at least to make use of the gc."

It doesn't sound that free... Please verify this if anyone else makes a trip to flapjacks to make sure this info is accurate.

Thanks for sharing RD. If anybody tries to claim this GC, please share your experience for the benefit of others.

JHECSILOG said... and my girlfriend tried this promo just today at flapjacks up ayala land branch.i asked the waiter if i can avail their mobile g.c promo,he asked their manager then came back to me and said.. "sir,ok po kunin ko lang po no. nyo", then i asked him if there's a minimum order and he said "wala po,ide2duct blbg po ung 250 sa bill". me and my gf chose from the menu and she picked the pasta marinara w/c costs about 245php and a can of royal for 65php.i chose their value meal,(black fish with herb rice)at 195php,w'c comes with a free soup and nestle fit & right fruitees..the waiter told me "sir d po kasama ung valu meal sa promo", i asked him if i can separate my bill with the value meal and my gf's meal wherein i will use their mobile g.c!i won the argument and they agreed to my terms..yehey!!!!:) i paid (212php) for my meal and (85php) for my gf's meal w/c will costs regularly at (335PHP)..great meal and deal!!!:)

BTW,flapjacks people are very friendly..and the foods are great too..THANKS BOY KURIPOT and CHEF TONIO TOO..MORE POWER!!!AND MORE MORE MORE FREE STUFFS..HEHE


hmm..after the great meal with the mobile g.c today,and since i already called flapjack's greenhills earlier,asking the one one picked up the phone if there's a minimum purchase for availing the mobile g.c and if i can takeout my order? they've told me "sir,wla pong minimum and pwde pong planning to invade flapjacks greenhills together with my barkada along with our cellphones carrying their mobile g.c(i'll use my other no. and register again)"haha", we'll order one at a time pretending we don't know each other and we'll takeout our orders and eat it at MCDO(who sells MCFLOAT)uhmmmmmmm... thanks again for boy kuripot and chef tonio.. applause(CLAP CLAP CLAP)

Great! Thanks for sharing your experience!

fabuleux said...

My brother went to Robinsons Manila last Saturday, and ate at Flapjacks. He told me he ordered pasta for P285, so all he paid was P15. Awesome! Haha. Thanks Boy Kuripot and Chef Tonio! :))

wow galeng! thanks for sharing! d ko pa nagagamit yung akin