Can you hear The Echo?

Saturday, September 26, 2009 Unknown 3 Comments

Now here is a movie that will get your heart pumping. NO! Not that kind of movie! I'm talking about The Echo by our very own Yam Laranas. It's the 1st Hollywood remake of a Pinoy Blockbuster Horror movie, Sigaw. I had the privilege of watching the movie premiere with a few of my fellow bloggers. And thanks to SM, I got hold of 2 extra movie tickets which I gave away to the first to Re-Tweet on Twitter.

The 1st to Re-Tweet - Michi and her friend

Although I never saw the original movie Sigaw, I must say I am quite tempted to watch it to see the similarities and differences. But based from the trailer of Sigaw, some of the shots and scenes bore a distinct resemblance to the remake which made the movie quite predictable.

I don't want to ruin the movie for you so I'll just give you some random points about the movie:
  • Iza Calzado played as the restless spirit of a battered wife.
  • Expect the first part of the movie to be a bit dragging at first as Yam Lanaras tries to set the mood of the film. Just hold on a little longer and you're going to find yourself crawling under your seat.
  • This horror film is rated PG-13
  • Regular run starts on September 30, 2009


sigaw? saan pong film yun? sino po mga bida dun? is it good? kasi manonood din sana acuh if maganda..ampff.. :))

fionalance said...

im proud to be pinoy bec. of people like yam laranas. galing, pang-hollywood ang level!

i've seen this movie. it starred iza calzado, richard guttierez, angel locsin & jomari yllana. im proud of iza too, her acting was so awesome the hollywood producers thought she would be the ONLY ONE who could portray the role so effectively.

2 thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm running a contest to give away SM Movie Card.

maybe you can put it up on your site