Bid Wars

Saturday, September 05, 2009 Unknown 6 Comments

Welcome to Bid Wars! An auctioning battleground where your thumbs are the best weapon of choice. Compete with other SMART and Talk'N Text subscribers for the chance to Win cellphones, appliances and high tech gadgets every week! In order to be a victor, you must text in the lowest unique bid for the week. A congratulations is in order for Michelle Paez of Pasig City for winning the 1st auction prize - a MacBook. She texted in the winning lowest unique bid of P21.35

Promo Requirements:
  • Open to all SMART and Talk'N Text subscribers
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Just text BID [item code]*[amt] to 9779
    • Example: BID GZ*48.62 (GZ is the item code for Sony Ericsson w980i, the product offered from Sept 3 to 10)
  2. A bid status report is given to the bidder every time he sends a bid
  3. Bid increments of one decimal centavo is allowed
  4. Minimum bid will start at P1.00
  5. Each text costs P2.50 and no registration is needed
  6. The lowest unique bid will win the auction prize of the week
  7. In case of a tie, wherein no lowest unique bid is chosen, a tie breaking round will be sent to the bidders who sent the same lowest bid amount. They will then compete in a one hour extension round where they will again bid for the lowest unique bid
  8. Claiming of prize can be made at SM Appliance Centers nationwide
  9. View complete promo mechanics
  • To increase your chances of getting the lowest bid, text HINT [item code] to 9779 (Example: HINT KI). You will receive a text similar to this "D lowest unique bid as of 08/13/09 21:23:58 for KI is b/n 23 to 27. Txt BID * to 9779. Ex. BID KI*25.18.P2.5/txt" Keep in mind that each text costs P2.50
  • Secure a range of unique bids, like from 31 to 33 pesos so that when the lowest unique bid reaches your range, you have a higher chance of becoming the lowest unique bidder even just for a day! Do keep in mind that all the bids lower than yours must NOT BE UNIQUE in order for you to get the LOWEST UNIQUE BID title :)

Promo Period: Every Thursday at 10:00 PM to the following Thursday at 9:59 PM

Promo Prize:
  • Weekly Prizes
    • Cellphones, appliances and high tech gadgets (1st item that was up for bid was a MacBook laptop and the 2nd item was a Sony LCD worth P88,990 and Home Theater worth P66,989)
  • Daily Prize
    • P1,000 worth of gift certificate or prepaid load for the lowest unique bidder

  • Short auction period
  • Multiple entries allowed
  • No need for registration
  • Open only to Smart and Talk'N Text subscribers
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Anonymous said...

hi, i want to know how to cancel my registration to BID WARS since its kinda annoying already. it sends updates everyday. thanks!

Unknown said...

why? does it send spam advertorials? you can address your concern at this email

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree with the first commenter. It's strange why they don't indicate anything about unsubscribing on their website or in any of the spam texts they send.

No, Boy Kuripot, it's not a question of spam advertorials. It's that they send DAILY MESSAGES even when you're no longer interested in joining. And then they never include in the text messages the procedure for unsubscribing.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks. It's driving me nuts!

Unknown said...

I emailed your issues to organization handling bid wars. Hopefully, they give me a response

Unknown said...

From Bidwars:

"On the "CONTACT US" portion of Bid Wars website, there's an instruction that tells how to opt out.

They can email their mobile numbers to our customer service at if they no longer want to receive messages from Bid Wars."

Jennifer said...

text STOP to 9779