Do you Love Me?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Unknown 10 Comments

Seriously, do you love me, Boy-Kuripot? Well if you do, here are ways you can prove it.

(1) Make a post - write anything about my blog, what you like about it, how you won something, how you think I could make it better.

(2) Link back
- find an interesting post of mine you want to share? No problem, share away, just make sure you link back (put the URL of the original post) or better yet, use the AddToAny button Share/Save/Bookmark , found at the end of every post, to easily share in your social networking sites.

(3) Help me WIN A LAPTOP
- Lately, it has been hard updating this blog due to the fact that my mother watches her Korean Soaps on (Watch FREE Korean & Asian Dramas). So if you really like this site, do register at EYP by clicking on the image below. Every referal I make earns me 5 points. My current standing as of writing this post is 245 points and that puts me on 22 place:( I need to be at least on the 9th place so I am counting on you guys to help me out. It would only take you a less than a minute to complete the registration form and if you don't like the emails you get from EYP, you may always opt to unsubscribe. If my calculations are correct, I should have a total of 3,830 pts given 766 subcribers x 5 pts.

NOW IS THE TIME TO PROVE YOUR LOVE! (You do love me right?)


Anonymous said...

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Good Job!!! I won Lenovo 1st Price because of Great Boy Kuripot. Try and i hope this will help you spread the promo gospel to be won.

Anonymous said...

Check out this contest.

Baka may interested, ang laki ng premyo.

Sayang, ngayon ko lang nakita, malapit na deadline... June 30,2009.

For software developers ata ito.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your blog. I find your blog very informative specially in hunting contests.

May I suggest a few things for improvement.

1) I wish contests and promos were segregated, or at least, a feature that can separate the promos from the contests.

2) I would like it if you could give a rough idea on the chances of winning a contest. If not, a rough view on how popular the contest is (or if the contest is held annually).

Thanks again and hope you continue the good work!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi please read this blog and spread the words. May mge cheater sa eyp. They don't really deserve the price.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

About the suggestions, the promos and contests are segregated. Simply click on the CATEGORIES link found on the rightmost column and click on either "Latest Contests" or "Latest Promos" to view posts under that tag/category

About the chances of winning, you may find something about it under the "Upside" (advantages) points located at the end of every post. It usually states if the contest or promo has a few entires/submissions. Of course in the end, only you can judge if the chances of winning is high or low so I leave it to you guys to decide.

Anonymous said...

di nu n po iuupdate ang site? weve already reg form ur referral! ^_^

Unknown said...

I will! Naupdate ko na yung links under "FREE ONLINE PROMOS" just been a bit busy lately sorry guys.

Anonymous said...


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