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Monday, May 11, 2009 Unknown 3 Comments

Blog about Red Ribbon's Cookies & Cream Cake and get to Win Red Ribbon GC's. Here is what you got to do. Buy at least a slice of Cookies & Cream Cake, take a picture of the cake or of you eating it, and write about how that cake made your day brighter! Post it in your blog or if you have multiple blogs, the better because you can send more entries. Just make sure your posts are different from one another

Red Ribbon Cookies & Cream with Oreo Cake

Contest Requirements:
  • Philippine based bloggers
  • You need to have a blog platform (I think Multiply will do)
  • Buy Red Ribbon's Cookies & Cream Cake (at least a slice)
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Blog about how Red Ribbon’s Cookies & Cream with Oreo cake made your day, or a day with your family, brighter!
  2. Blog entry requirements
    • At least 250 words
    • Title should contain the words "Cookies & Cream", "Red Ribbon" is optional
    • Words "Red Ribbon", "Cookies & Cream" and "Cake" should all be present, at least once, anywhere in the whole article/blog. At least once, the word ‘Red Ribbon’ should be a link to
    • At least 1 picture of the product/product being eaten
  3. Send URL to and carbon copy and with the subject:“Make Your Day Brighter with Red Ribbon’s Cookies & Cream Cake”
  4. Include your Name, Blog, & Mobile Number/s
  5. Judging Criteria
    • Writing Style & Creativity: 50%
    • Photo Relevance: 30%
    • Over-all Impact: 20%
  6. UPDATE: Embed in you blog the video of Red Ribbon's First Cake Story entitled "Monthsary"
  7. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: May 10 - May 24 31, 2009 (EXTENDED)

Contest Prize:
  • Regular Prize (blog post without video embed)
    • 1st Place: P1000 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate
    • 2nd Place: P600 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate
    • 3rd Place: P400 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate
  • UPDATE: Upgraded Prizes (blog post with video embed)
    • 1st Place: P1500 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate
    • 2nd Place: P1000 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate
    • 3rd Place: P700 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate
  • Winners will be published at the official Red Ribbon Website

  • Multiple entries allowed (one post per blog)
  • Online submission
  • You need to purchase at least a slice
For more information, log on to


Anonymous said...

I thought IMUMO Blog promotion is "kuripot." This is worse than Imumo. I can't believe a big company like Red Ribbon would only spend P2000 for 3 winners of this patethic contest... boooooooOO!

PS: I like RR's cakes but please don't be a cheapskate....

@boy-kuripot - thanks for the repost!

@anonymous - thanks for the comment, we'll improve as we go along with future online promotions. :)

The Online Contest has been extended and prizes were upgraded! :) Check