Adidas Old Shoe Discount

Thursday, May 07, 2009 Unknown 4 Comments

Planning to buy a pair of new shoes? Then head over to Adidas with your old ones and get a P500 or P1,000 discount/rebate for your next Adidas purchase. Make sure that your shoes are "sport shoes" and are still wearable because Adidas are donating your used shoes to the indigenous people of Pamulaan. Promo runs for the whole month of May 2009. Click on the image below for complete details.


Wow.. This is great! I love adidas... Because of its feather-weight durability... That's why I bought one pair for myself. Anyway, thanks and I will definitely tell this to my friends.

I hope this is available to others Adidas store in USA. I support the recycling to save the planet.

plumbing said...

This is great. This project will be a great help to our mother earth.

primigi said...

Adidas is one of the most exceptional shoe brand in the world. I thinks it is a good idea that you sell bargain your Adidas classic designs.