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If you always wanted to go to Singapore like me, then don't miss out on's latest promo Fly for FREE to Singapore! All you need to join is to either invite people to sign up or be invited by other people, better yet do BOTH! 3 lucky inviters will Win Cash Cards worth SGD$10,000 while every 2009th person to be invited Wins a pair of economy class return air tickets to Singapore. Joining is absolutely FREE!

Promo Requirements:
  • Entrants under 21 years of age will not be eligible to enter the Contest unless the parents or legal guardians have each consented and agreed, in the form and on the terms prescribed by STB, to the entrant's entry
  • Passport
Promo Mechanics:
  1. 2 ways to enter the Contest:
    • You can enter the Contest by sending an online invitation in the form provided on the Visit Singapore web site at or the official Contest page hosted on Facebook
    • If you are the recipient of such an online invitation, you will receive an email containing a hyperlink to an electronic acknowledgement form. You can enter the Contest by clicking on the hyperlink to accept the invitation.
    • RECOMENDED: Post your email and/or Facebook account below so that you may get an invitation from me and other readers of this blog. Remember, there is also a prize for the invitation recipient (see below). So the more you get invited, the more chances of you being the 2009th recipient! Here is my email address: and name: Jeffrey Siy so you could invite me or email me your email and/or Facebook account if you want to keep your email/Facebook private. NOTE: In order for me or others to invite you via Facebook, we need to add you as a friend in Facebook.
  2. How to earn entry points
    • 1 entry for signing up as an invitation sender
    • 1 entry for each successful invitation
    • Additional 1 entry for each multiple of 10 invitations
  3. You may send as many online invitations via VisitSingapore website or via Facebook application as you wish, but you cannot nominate the same recipient name or email address more than once. Invitations that you send to yourself will also not be valid Contest entries.
  4. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period: February 19 - May 31, 2009

Promo Prize:
  • Prize for Invitation Senders
    • Three (3) winners
      • One for every period (Feb 19 - Mar 31, 2009; Apr 1 - 30, 2009;May 1 - 31, 2009)
      • Each winner will receive a prepaid debit/cash card, containing ten thousand Singapore dollars (SGD$10,000) which the user may spend on Singapore ONLY
      • Winner should collect the card in Singapore
  • Prize for Invitation Recipient
    • Recipient of every 2009th invitation will win a pair of economy class return air tickets to Singapore, subject to availability (Valid until December 31, 2009)

  • FREE to do
  • Easy and convenient to do
  • Big prizes
  • None!
For more information, log on to


topdog said...

philip [dot] villaseran [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

kilangan may passport ka muna para maka register aw...

Emiliana said...

my facebook account is

will be emailing u guys in a bit. Thanks for d heads up anonymous, whoever u are!

Anonymous said...

me too pls add me up thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

pa add din po salamat

sent you invites. check your mail

Anonymous said...

my email/facebook :)

Dee said...


my e-mail is



fedge said...

ey... add me up :)

Rose Rae said...


Anonymous said...

hi. i am interested to join this contest--fly to sis is there. I just love the place. Invite me at FB (



invites sent guys. check your mail!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a very nice place to live niether to shop its great beieng there for nearly three (3) years I'dlove to visit it again and again just for pleasure and shopping things I really need. Come on visit Singapore you wont regret promis!

nicole ramos said...


nicole ramos said...

hi..i want to go ther to have a good vacation,,,para namn maka experiece ako ng mag lng mag punta sa ibang lugar,,,he6,,tsaka para malaman ko kung anung meron sa ibang lugar,,,