The Winner that Won it ALL

Monday, February 02, 2009 Unknown 6 Comments

It has been 10 months now since I started this blog. It never crossed my mind that a simple Boy-Kuripot could change peoples' perspective of joining Promos and Contests. A good example would be one of my readers, Joy Bahia, The Winner that Won it ALL. She was so overwhelmed by the prizes she have won over the past months that she even visited me and gave me goodies from her L.A. trip with her husband. Yep, she won a Trip to L.A. inclusive of airfare and lodging! And to think all she had to do to win that is send an email at NO COST whatsoever in her part. Amazing isn't it? Aside from that she won a room makeover from Real Living magazine and lots of other cool stuff. Read more about Joy in her multiply journal

Joy Bahia and Me

I myself have won quite some prizes as well. Some of the winnings came from mere luck (raffles) while some required some time and effort (contests). The latest and probably one of the biggest prize I have won is the Nesvita Weight and See contest my friend and I joined. We got 2nd place and received P30,000 and an iPod Nano.

Some other prizes I have won include a Harmony One Universal Remote from CNET Asia, P5,000 SM GC from DPC promo, and the list goes on. From movie premieres, which by the way is easy to win, to food certificates. It's all here in this blog catered to Filipinos.

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Joyceee said...

wow, maybe i should join na in the contests that you're posting. :)

Hi BOY-KURIPOT! i would just like to say that my friend and i are avid fans of your blog! at first, we started monitoring your posts by just adding you into our Favorites page. Next thing i know, we just joined your mailing list. This helps us not only to be updated with contests but also have some girl-bonding time (conceptualizing for contests and joining raffles) even if we're really both busy!

best of success to your blog. and may more people win some hefty blessings through your efforts!


admin said...

congrats boy, akala ko kayo nag 1st sa nesvita,.! pivna vote ko lahat ng ka kilala ko mkaso mas madami yata connection yung nag f1st, anyway congrats ulit,.!

Anonymous said...

nice blog concept. Pero mas maganda sana if you remove the blogspot, custom domain kung baga. Para mas maganda tingnan. Pero overall, it's nice! :)

Unknown said...

hehe thanks sa mga comments! Quarla- gs2 ko rin magkaroon ng custom domain pero tamad pa ako bumili hehe. next time pag umabot siguro 1000 readers

Anonymous said...

This is funny! maski locally made in the Philippines, panalo pa din! Galing naman