Star Baby 2009

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Not all babies are born cute! There are some babies that are simply butt ugly not very cute (don't tell me you haven't seen one) but there are also babies that are just so darn cute that you would do anything just to make them smile or giggle! If your baby falls into the latter description then you should try and enter your baby in Star Baby 2009 where you could Win lots and lots of baby stuff! Prove once and for all that your little one isn't butt ugly not very cute!

Contest Requirements:
  • All babies up to 18 months old as of registration
  • Registrants must be holders of any SM Advantage, Prestige or BDO Rewards Card. Interested shoppers who are non- SMAC members may purchase SMAC Membership Kit at the cash counter in any SM Department Store.
  • Minimum purchase worth Php 5,000 at Baby Company within the promo period. Purchase must include at least P500 worth of any combination of Prokids and Pigeon items. Purchases made at SM Hypermarket/ Super SM Branches, as well as Baby Company outlets in Rockwell, The Podium, The Annex, SM North Edsa shall not be included in the promotion.
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Registration is free. To enter, customer must fill-up and submit a Star Baby registration form at designated Star Baby areas of the Baby Company.
  2. Check in the branch you registered if you have reached the P5,000 qualifying amount of purchases
  3. Submitting the following requirements at your registered branch
    • Baby's birth certificate- photocopy only (present original or certified true copy for validation)
    • 3 of Baby's best photos in 5R prints (close-up, half body and full body) *Baby must personally appear during submission of requirements to authenticate photo
    • Letter of authorization from parents or legal guardian (in case registrant is not the child's parent/ legal guardian)
    • Registrants are advised to ensure that ALL entries have duplicate copies with them before final submission. All submitted documents (i.e. photos and other supporting papers) shall become property of Nursery Care Corporation/ SM Mart, Inc.
  4. Requirements must be submitted on or before the end of each cut-off period before store closing hour, in a sealed short, brown envelope labeled with the registrant's and baby's name.
  5. Judging Criteria
    • 15% - Physical Built - baby must look healthy in the picture in terms of height and weight
    • 15% - Skin Complexion - baby's skin must look smooth and vibrant
    • 30% - Projection - baby must be comfortable ; therefore looks happy
    • 40% - Over-All Appearance - baby must posses "the cute" factor that makes people notice them from among other babies
  6. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period:
  • 1st Quarter - January 1-March 31, 2009
  • 2nd Quarter - April 1- June 30, 2009
  • 3rd Quarter - July 1- September 30, 2009
  • 4th Quarter - October 1- December 31,2009
Contest Prize:
  • One winner per zone (Luzon, Metro Manila, VisMin) per quarter (3 winners per quarter)
    • M Gift Certificates worth Php 20,000.00 (3 winners)*
    • Pigeon items worth Php 5,000.00 (3 winners)
    • Prokids items worth Php 5,000.00 (3 winners)
    • 1-year Baby Magazine subscription worth P1,800 (3 winners)
      Storyland Party package worth P10,000.00 inclusive of venue rental & party favors (for Metro Manila winner only)
    • *Gift Certificates are valid up to one (1) year upon issuance.
  • 20% Prize tax shall be shouldered by the Baby Company
  • Big prizes for your baby
  • Bragging rights of having the cutest baby!
  • Lots of requirements
  • You have to shell out P5,000 worth of baby company
  • Your baby might be kidnapped by being so cute (hehe jk!)
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ohhhhhhhh sh*ttttttt ang hirap ng req!!! 5k!!! pass ako dito

kaso check mo pic ng baby ko sa and tell me, puede na ba syang isali sa cute baby? of butt ugly sya hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi! You know what? friends mom, nag try kami sumali dyan star baby contest the reqirements are fine we had complete it as they required in the mechanics but youy know what makes us despair is the sm branch we choosed to join make us suffer for the submition of our requirements the staff is not well orriented so we made to come back many times and buy lots of products and we had already exist to 5thusand pesos and lots of wrong explaination they said to us, but ok I had understand because they are newlly open branch but I don't really knew if they register us relegiously? That was in SM Naga.Ty.

Mommy Mary said...

MADAYA kapag voting...HAPPY PLAY contest and Gigil time from Johnson's.
Voting come that a single person can have 17000 votes in just 2 months if you are only allowed to vote once a week?
For sure may having BOTS and softwares for automatic voting and registering. As well as creating mass EMAILS. The company must be responsible enough to check if the votes are true.

Anonymous said...

Ganun ba? balak pa naman sana naming isali ung baby namin..pero based on comments..indi na lang kami sasali..pagkakakitaan lang pala ang mga mommy dito ng baby company..DISGUSTING.