Oldest Manels Promo

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If you have a pair of old Manels lying around the shoe rack, don't throw them just yet! Those shoes may be your key to winning a P10,000 shopping spree and discounts in Oldest Manels Promo. Just present your pre-owned Manels at any of their branches and either avail of their discount or let a Manel personnel take a picture of your lovely shoes! The top 3 oldest Manels Wins the GCs.

Promo Requirements:
  • Pair of old Manels
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Customers must present any of their old Manels item at any of the participating branches to avail of the corresponding discount: 20%, 30%, and 40% discounts will be given according to the logo on the product, which has evolved over the years, and thus determines how far back the item goes
  2. Upon availing the discount, customers are also entitled to join the contest by completely filling up the registration form. Registration is free, forms will be handed out by a store personnel for qualified customers. Forms must be submitted to any authorized store personnel within the date the items are presented
  3. Pictures of the item and the customer will be taken by any Manels authorized personnel using their camera phones
  4. Items must be in good working condition to qualify as an entry
    • Manels logo must be intact and visible
    • Items must still be useful/functional and presentable
  5. Customers are entitled to win several times depending on the number of entries presented
  6. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period: December 1, 2008 - February 8, 2009

Promo Prize:
  • Discounts of up to 40%
  • Top three oldest Manels items presented up to the end of the promo period will win any of the following prizes:
    • 1st place: P10,000 worth of Gift Certificates
    • 2nd place: P7,000 worth of Gift Certificates
    • 3rd place: P5,000 worth of Gift Certificates

  • FREE to join
  • Hassle free
  • "Customers are entitled to win several times depending on the number of entries presented"
  • None
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